09/28/19 – A’s at M’s

Autos, etc.

What a great finish to the season!

It was an extra-early early gate opening for Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Night (my scratch off ticket was good for free Caninta Nachos lol), and there was an Ichiro Funko POP! giveaway (which will go very nicely with my Edgar and Junior Funkos).   Sweet!

On the M’s side, Logan Gilbert signed my team ball, and then waited for me to retrieve a card for him to sign.  I appreciate his patience.  Yusei Kikuchi signed my Atari-style insert from 2019 Archives.  It’s a little hard to see at points but is a nice clean auto.  (Kind of nice after getting a non-ideal auto earlier in the year.)

I crossed over to the Oakland side where A.J. Puk signed (apparently no one calls him Andrew Jacob even thought that’s what it says on his Heritage Minor Leagues card lol) as did Dallas Braden (who signed on the sweet spot, did not inscribe his perfect game, and joked around with me about graying hair and stuff like that :)).

Back on the M’s side, Ichiro signed a photo for me!!!!  Totally awesome.  He went to take fielding practice in right field, so we thought he might stop by near the camera well, and he did!  You can see what the mob was like, and how stoked I was (am) to receive an auto in the photos.

Soon thereafter I saw another mob on the Oakland side and yes, it was Matt Chapman.  He patiently signed a whole bunch, including my sepia Stadium Club parallel.  Always nice to see that from the superstars.

Thank you Logan, Yusei, A.J., Dallas, Ichiro, and Matt for signing, and to all the other folks who signed throughout the year!  I totally appreciate it!

The Game

September was very mild, except for this game, which had windy and cold weather.  Like really windy.  Anyhow, the A’s needed this game for home field advantage in the upcoming wild card game, and they won it.  I didn’t pay that much attention.  Most of the pitchers did well.  There were some threats here and there, but in the end it was a Roman Laureano homer early in the game that won it.  Final score A’s 1, M’s 0.


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