A’s at M’s – 09/25/28


Very slow night for autos, but thanks to Erasmo Ramirez, Emilio Pagan, and Francisco Rodney for signing!

The Game

Definitely colder than I thought it would be.   Need to remember to subtract at least 10 degrees from any recorded temperature at Safeco.  So like right now it’s probably 60, but it feels like 45 or 50.  I have enough layers for now. :).  Also definitely deflating to play the A’s, who beat out the M’s for that second wild card spot. I left during the 7th inning stretch, A’s up 8-5.  By the time I got home, lo and behold, it was tied 8-8 in the 10th! Chris Herrmann ended it in the bottom of the 11th with a two run homer to right center and the M’s won 10-8!


Padres at Mariners – 09/11/18

Autos, etc.

Thanks to the Mariners Season Ticket Holder Memories program, I got to go on the field again for batting practice!  Very nice perk.  They give you a certain number of points to use during the year, and announce the opportunities once a month and you really have to jump on the ones you want right away. The on field BP’s are usually gone within a couple days, even a couple of hours in some cases. Anyhow, I’m glad I got a couple of passes for September!

Last weekend, I went for a Friday night BP versus the Yankees.  Someone told me that it was the most people they had on field, and the Mariners signed the most they all year.  It was pretty sweet.

Today’s BP was before a Tuesday night game versus the Padres, so not quite so crowded lol.  Even though there were not many people, or maybe because of it who knows, few if any players came by.  No autos for most of the session.  That was the bad news.

The good news was that I was talking with some cool people, Danielle and her son Ryan.  They had some nice positive energy!  Then it happened.

Ichiro Suzuki stopped by where I was standing and signed!!!!!!!!  The man, the myth, the legend!  Usually he just waves hi and hurries off into the dugout, but today he actually stopped and turned towards us.  Then I knew he was going to sign.  It happened so fast, yet also happened in slow motion. He signed a card (very nicely) with a blue Sharpie, borrowed it to sign other people’s stuff.  Then I took a chance and put out a baseball and he signed that too!  I was walking on air for the rest of the evening, and still am as I write about it.  A dream come true!

Bench Coach Manny Acta also signed.  Further, he told me what happened to “The Swelmet” which he would post on Twitter with the player of the game after each win.  I was wondering because it recently disappeared from The Twittersphere.  Apparently the guys just weren’t into it any more so it was done.  Anyway, thanks man. 🙂


Stuck around for as much of the Padres BP as I could.  Waved or called out to several of the players and they gave nice acknowledgements.  They seemed to be relatively fan friendly.  Eric Hosmer signed a card, thanks man!  Later, just before the game, Wil Myers and Luis Urias signed cards, thanks guys!

The Game

I’m finishing up this post a couple of weeks after the fact.  Don’t remember much except the M’s lost and we made a lot of mistakes.  It was one of those games where you really felt like the the season was over.  Also poor Luis Urias, he pulled a hammy or something and they’re going to keep him out the rest of the season because he’s a top prospect and he had a similar injury earlier in the year.  So the game was a bummer but the autos really made my day, and all in all, I’m glad I went to the park!

Yankees at Mariners – 09/07/18 & 09/08/18

Autos, etc.

Before the Friday game, I was on the field for batting practice.  So awesome!  What fun :).  Thanks to all the players who signed!!!


Nellie Cruz (frequent signer) and Jean Segura(!) (infrequent signer) both signed 2018 All-Star T-Shirts.  Thanks guys!

Robbie Cano!  Usually a “light” signer, he really did a beautiful job on this one.  He kind of stared at the card after autographing it.  Don’t know if he was waiting for the ink to dry, checking out the photo, or just admiring his artwork lol.  At any rate, thank you Robbie!)


Mike Zunino, Kyle Seager, Dee Gordon, Denard Span, and Ben Gamel.  (Thanks guys.)


BD942BCD-B257-4799-9AE7-63EF8CBA1A3FGary Sanchez!  Seemed like a nice guy, signed for a lot of people and took plenty of selfies.  Meant to give him a blue Sharpie but the black is still cool.  Thanks man!

A3AF24D6-A085-41AF-9999-4C3D54CF0007Didi Gregorious!  Awesome player.  He looks huge in person.  Don’t know what the Yankees are going to do with all their infielders if they get Machado for 2019.  Anyhow, thanks Didi, great auto!

Reggie Jackson! Reg-gie!  Reg-gie! I took a risk and gave him a silver glossy parallel of his 2018 A&G card.  Tried a blue Sharpie on it and it didn’t work out that well.  Kind of like a blue Sharpie on a Chrome card, the ink doesn’t quite stay and the auto becomes spotty at best.  I’m glad it stayed and didn’t smear, and that it’s legible. The ink stayed better on the card he signed for me last year but the background was a lot darker than this one, so I guess each has its pros and cons.  A little “Photoshopping” would do wonders for either of these images, will post the results if I mess around with them.

By the way, if you ask Reggie for a selfie after he signs a card for you, and he doesn’t respond, you may just want to let him be.  Just take a picture over your shoulder, like the one to the right lol.  Otherwise, if you ask again in the hallway on the way back into the concourse, he may give you an annoyed and slightly angry look and say, “You know you ain’t supposed to ask that, man!”  Sorry Reggie, I actually didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to ask.  I’m assuming he was bothered because he had already signed and took a bunch of photos with fans on the field and thought that part of his evening was over.  I was surprised, I’ve seen him twice at the stadium and previously I’d only seen him be very generous and patient with all the fans.  Sorry to bother you Reggie and thanks for signing in the first place, I appreciate it!

Reggie Jackson was one of my favorite players when I was growing up.  He was larger than life!  So I took it a little personally, positive when he signed and negative when he rebuked my selfie requests.  Later that evening, I ran into another fan from my generation whose jaw dropped when I said Reggie signed.  She called him the grumpiest man alive.  The next night, I sat next to this guy from Idaho, whose neighbor’s daughter was Reggie’s girlfriend at some point.  Apparently he had met Reggie a bunch of times and said he was cool.  Further, if you look online, you can read about various responses by Reggie to auto requests, some pleasant and some not lol.  Of course he is much older, smaller, and more frail than how I remember him from my childhood.  Who knows if he is struggling, enjoying life, or what.  At any rate, I often base my opinion of the players and their characters on these very short interactions at the stadium with me and other fans (“he’s cool”, “what a jerk”, “so patient”, “it’s gone to his head”, “nice guy”, etc.), but of course they are complex individuals and who know what they are “really” like!

For the Saturday game, there was early gate entry for the Season Ticket Holders.  I took a chance and wore the T-shirt that Nellie autographed yesterday.  Thank goodness the auto is still there lol. 🙂

BDDC7B5B-888E-4751-B392-74ED070F2D74Other than doing my due diligence to monitor Ichiro, I mostly focused on the Yankees.  Got a couple of autos, one from Adeiny Hechavarria on an “assorted MLB’ers ball 18-01”.


778130EF-3167-4739-8074-F9CDCA83BF00Later, I saw a mob going over towards this guy and gave it a shot.  Scampered over a few sections, got to the front, and got lucky. 🙂


Giancarlo Stanton!!!!  Wow!!!!!  Fist bump city, man.  Totally awesome! 🙂



M’s lost both of them.  Nice seats though. 🙂







Orioles at Mariners 09/04/18

Autos etc.

Very light crowd, very chill today

BP ball from Coach Cabrera! Thank you.


Dee Gordon, aka Flash Jr.  Thanks man!


Adam Jones.  Thanks AJ!


Buck Showalter!!!  A pleasant surprise.  Thank you!


Also Andrew Cashner.  Said he’s not shaving this year lol.  Thanks for signing and sorry I smudged it a little bro.


Was waiting on the M’s side right before the game.  Someone asked me about the fight.  What fight?  Apparently, there was a fight earlier in the evening in the M’s clubhouse, reportedly between Mike Zunino and Jean Segura.  Will be interesting to see if any details emerge, or  what.


The Game

Around 13,000 paid, one of the smaller crowds of the year.  M’s are still in it folks!  A little cooler than I expected but a very pleasant evening.

Nice seats 🙂   Sec 120, Row 9, Seat 3


Robbie Cano hit a first inning solo homer to start the scoring.  Robbie!!!!!

Middle of the 4th.. one section over and a couple of rows up… they gave the whole row autographed Russell Wilson Wheaties boxes!  Awesome!

Bottom of the 4th… I put down my iPad as a foul ball headed right to me…. and over my outstretched hands… to the guy right behind me.  So close!  Lol.

top of the 5th –   scoop to first from Wade leBlanc to Ryon Healy then a sick flying catch by Ben Gamel!

middle 6th – the green boat won the boat race 🙂

bottom of the 6th, M’s 1 – Orioles 0.

Currently in the….

Top of the 7th – Renato Nunez with a solo homer off reliever Adam Warren to tie the game.  Then what I can only describe as an unfortunate series of events has resulted in a 4-1 Oriole lead.

At least some chick caught a foul ball with her beer…. and then quickly chugged the beer.  Very nice lol.

Bottom of the 8th – M’s load the bases with 1 out.  Healy up against Givens… he hits into a … wait the 2nd baseman throws it away!  Two runs score, two out now, runner on second.  Seager pinch hitting, they intentionally walk him.  Hermann gets to a full count… and strikes out.  Orioles 4 – M’s 3.

M’s give up another run in the top of the 9th.

final score O’s 5 – M’s 3.  Bummer although still great to be at the ballpark!










Blue Jays at Mariners — 08/04/18


Edwin Diaz and Mike Leake signed on card. With Diaz, I was a little far back, so a kid helped me and got in there.  Thanks Andy!  With Leake, I was able to get up there.  I told him he was doing a nice job this year and that I appreciated having him on the team.  He appreciated my comment.  It’s cool when you can actually talk with these guys!

Andrew Romine (#7) signed my 2018 Mariners team ball.  Thanks man!

Jordan the Ball Boy gave me a BP ball on his way into the dugout. Thanks bro!

Blue Jays broadcaster Buck Martinez signed the Sweet spot in black Sharpie on a “random MLBers” ball (includes players, coaches, media members, etc.).  I realized I still have a lot of space on this ball.  Think I will use this ball more for the rest of the 2018 games. It greatly simplifies things to have one ball for the visitors (except the superstars lol), and it’s a little easier to toss a ball and pen to someone signing in the dugout than a card and pen.  Gotta admit I usually like the signed card better though. 🙂

At the dugout just after BP, I lent Randal Grichuk a blue Sharpie. He later signed a mini card for me. My first one! Thankfully, the usher helped out in getting the card to and fro. I think I’m going to make some kind of framed card out of it, like the Allen & Ginter framed minis.  Or just stick it on top of a standard sized card lol. Pretty cool!

Thanks for signing, guys!

The Game

I think the Jays-M’s games should be played in Vancouver, instead of having all these Canadians taking over our wonderful city of Seattle for four games each summer. Anyhow, even though these are Mariner home games, the Jays fans outnumber the Mariner fans and are much louder year after year. I usually skip the Jays series, but I got a relatively cheap ticket and couldn’t resist. 🙂

James Paxton was not that sharp but he got help from several double plays. The Jays led 3-0 after six but it could have been much worse.

Meanwhile, Marco Estrada was great for the Jays. He had a no-no through six innings. I knew the M’s weren’t getting to him but I didn’t realize he had a no-no until the loud Canadian drunk behind me mentioned it. After that, I kept mentioning it. :). Fortunately, the Canadian drunks I’ve met and bantered with at Safeco have been friendly and pretty funny.

Even though things were generally going south for the M’s this evening, at least Toronto didn’t get a no-hitter on American soil. :). Mitch Haniger broke up the no-no with a double in the bottom of the 7th. Sorry, eh?

The Canadian version of The Wave got rolling in the top of the 8th and the Jays went up 4-0.

The 9th inning saw the play of the game — a streaker! He started from a section down the right field line, ran to center field, and circled until he was caught by security and taken away. The crowd went wild lol. This is my second experience with a streaker At Safeco. It’s hilarious because at first everything just stops, then people start pointing and the noise builds as more and more people realize what’s going on. Some people find it disrespectful to the game but I think it’s hilarious.

Mariner fans needed a little comic relief. The final score was Jays 5 – M’s 1. Another tough loss. The M’s have a bad streak of their own going. Hope it goes better tomorrow!

White Sox at Mariners – 07/21/18


Well there was good news and bad news tonight. 🙂

The bad news: I was too late for Ichiro again.  Got delayed by about an hour and it was a Bobblehead night, so I thought I had no chance going in.  However, when I got there, the line wasn’t that bad so I thought wow maybe I actually have a shot!  Alas, I really was too far back in line.  By the time I got down towards the railing, he had already signed stuff and had move on to throwing practice.  I simply need to get to the front and run down to the spot, he’s been signing!  Pretty sad about it, bordering on very sad.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have him nicely sign a baseball for me in person?  That would be so cool.  While I’m sad, disappointed, jealous, frustrated, etc., I’m also optimistic, hopeful, and excited.  I mean if the other autograph crazies can get his auto (multiple times, on all kinds of stuff) then I can too!!!  I’ve heard show up an hour early, four hours early, etc.  We’ll see what I can manage.  Also hope to get on the field for another BP, maybe he will sign then!  (I’ve seen him do it.). Keep hope alive, my friends!  Pray for me lol.  Think I’ll also remind myself to consider a health perspective on all this within the context of a wonderful life (thank you Universe!).

Other bad news, not much from the White Sox.  Was late on Delmonico, missed on Moncada (maybe I should have tried the assorted MLBer ball instead of a card), didn’t run over for Luery Garcia after the anthem, and other guys did not stop by except for somebody who came over and signed for one kid.

One other thing, Felix had a bumpy road and M’s were losing 4-0 when I left in the bottom of the 7th.

The good news:  Dee Gordon Bobblehead!  As usual, the Bobblehead looks very little like the actual player.  Still, this one is pretty cool.  Plus the green flash would be a great spot for a silver or white auto.



M’s on card autos from Diaz, Haniger, Heredia, and Healy, plus a BP ball from Coach Cabrera.  The Diaz and Haniger Stadium Club cards look especially good in person. Thanks guys!



Also a White Sox auto from Lucas Giolito, thanks dude, even if he did give me the scariest look before he signed and even if I almost cried and ran away lol.  Was it the Mariners Jersey and hat?  At least he seemed so nice to everyone else.  I think I have a Topps certified auto of his somewhere, maybe I’ll trade it since he was kind enough to sign this in person.  He was the last guy out after BP and he patiently signed for everyone as he proceeded down the line, I appreciate that from him.

Had nice seats too.


So I was sad about missing Ichiro again but overall I’m glad it was a pleasant night at the ballpark and pretty cool in terms of souvenirs!



TTM #1 – John Olerud!

I’ve heard a lot of people getting autos all kinds of players TTM (through the mail) on sportscardforum.com, so I decided to finally give it a try.  My first attempt was to former Mariner great and Washington native John Olerud.  (He was also great with the Blue Jays and Mets.). He was a fantastic hitter and also a Gold Glove first baseman.  I think his dad was a doctor or a dentist, and he seemed to carry out his work with surgical precision.   Anyhow, in early April I sent a SASE with a letter of appreciation and a request to sign a couple of cards.  After not getting anything back in April, May, or June, I pretty much gave up.  What a pleasant surprise when I got these signed cards back in mid-July, 102 days later!

Holy cow!  I mean, how often do I get mail from John Olerud???  With autos, no less.  Totally awesome.  Thanks man for your generosity, and Go M’s!

Of course then the next question is who’s next?  maybe Dan Fouts?  We’ll see. Stay tuned. 🙂