09/25/19 – Astros at Mariners

Autos, etc.

Struck out today.  Ichiro did sign a few but I didn’t get any autos from him or any of the other Mariners.  While waiting for Ichiro, I missed Justin Verlander, but not really because he was signing for kids only.

On the other side, I had my Astros gear and my awesome Jose Altuve shersey contraption thing.  This time instead of his face, I put a picture of my beautiful 15 month old daughter on one side, and pictures of Altuve and my daughter on the other side.  Suitable for signing of course. 🙂  I daydreamed that he would sign the picture (maybe with some help from one of the Astros TV people if necessary).  My daughter’s growth rate is in a low percentile, we’ve not found a medical explanation or solution, and we don’t know how tall she’ll end up.  I thought if he signed the pic it would be inspirational for my daughter (when she was old enough to understand).  Well, he didn’t sign it or even acknowledge it for that matter.   3rd or 4th time this year.  What a prick lol.

It would be helpful to remember that even if he didn’t sign for me or most of the other adults, he did sign for his Venezuelan homies and kids.  So not a complete jerk, just exclusive lol.  I suppose he can still be an inspirational figure for shorter people everywhere.  It helps to remember that I can appreciate his athletic excellence and even be a fan while still thinking he’s a prick.  Kind of like Reggie Jackson lol.

While focusing on Altuve I missed Kyle Tucker signing items for five or six people.  I saw Springer, Bregman, and Altuve sign a few for the people on the field.  Pregame, nobody signed except Altuve, again seemingly only for kids and his countrymen.  Same spot as yesterday, down the line.  Of course I was down in the corner by the camera well this time.  Ugh. 🙂

It’s really too bad.  Before winning the 2017 World Series, the Astros were the most fan friendly team visiting Seattle.  Nowadays, not so much.  Certainly a rough night in terms of autos but hey at least I still have this sweet shirt and sign! 🙂


The Game

Zack Grienke was awesome! He had a perfect game through six? innings, foiled by a walk to Dee Gordon.  Both his pitching and fielding were fantastic. To finish the 7th, he threw this crazy 64 mph Euphus curve and made Kyle Seager look silly as he swung wayyyyyy ahead. So much anticipation! Zack had a no hitter going into the 9th, but lost it on a one out single to Aaron Nola.  Bummer!  All the fans (and apparently some of the ushers too) were definitely rooting for Grienke.  The Mariners got the tying run to the plate, but Will Harris saved it.  Final score Astros 3, Mariners 0.

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