2022 Panini Score Football – (Yawn) It’s Ok

I ordered a blaster of 2022 Panini Score Football from Target. It’s nice to still be able to get some low-end stuff at a reasonable price. The box has 22 cards per pack with 6 packs per box. I was mainly just looking for guys from my fantasy team, Seahawks, and any fun random stuff. I had low expectations and they were more than met lol.

A typical pack had 12 of vets (current and former players), 5 RC’s, a parallel, and 4 inserts. I liked the front of the base design but sorely miss the “Fun Facts” from the back of last year’s cards. Most of the inserts are pretty cool too. I think my favorites are the “Celebrations”, “First Ballot” Hall of Famers, and “Sack Attack”

Probably the coolest card was this Lavaiska Shenault Jr. Electric parallel #14/99.

In terms of Seahawks, I got a Charles Cross RC, Jordyn Brooks gold parallel, a DK Metcalf inserts, and a team Huddle insert. I think Matt Stafford and Hollywood Brown were there from my fantasy team’s bench but not the other dudes.

One of the cool things about Score is that the base set is over 400 cards (300 vets plus 100 rookies) and includes a much larger variety of players than the other releases. Last year I bought a retail box rather than a blaster, and that steered me in the direction of building a base set (which I’m actually still working on). This year, starting with just the blaster, I don’t feel particularly motivated to build a set.

Overall, Score is what it is, just fun to see who you get, cool if you want to build a set, but not particularly inspiring visually or otherwise. I’d give 2022 Panini Score Football 3 out of 5 stars.

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