10/01/22 – A’s at Mariners

Autos – Jamie Moyer, Dan Wilson, Alvin Davis; Matt Boyd, Andres Munoz, Marco Gonzales, Chris Flexen, Erik Swanson, Harry Ford

Final Score – Mariners 5, A’s 1


Yes it was Mariners Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day. Everyone was operating on less sleep than usual but in high spirits given the previous night’s clinching of our first playoff berth in 21 years! No scratch off tickets this year but we each got a nice 2023 All Star Game pin. The M’s went from around 3,000 or 4,000 season ticket holders to over 10,000 this year. A large part of the increase is due to people wanting guaranteed access to purchasing this year’s playoff and next year’s all star game tickets, so the pin was apropos.

Before the game, there was a Q&A with Mariners Hall of Famers Alvin Davis, Jamie Moyer, and Dan Wilson, hosted by Rick Rizzz. Baseball players often talk about routines and consistency, so I asked something to the effect of, “Regardless of the hype around a given game, what was the most important aspect of your pregame routine?” (See my buddy’s video below for the question and part of the responses.) I was expecting them to each mention a personal quirk or superstition, but the players focused on the process.

Mariners HOF Round Table – Rick Rizzz, Alvin Davis, Dan Wilson, and Jamie Moyer

Perhaps I should not have been surprised by the process emphasis. They’re baseball players and it’s a long season — and routines are part of the process lol. Jamie Moyer talked about daily consistency from home onward. He kept it the same every day. Be prepared each and every day, it’s a team game. Respect the game and your teammates. Be consistent in your offerings to the team. Dan Wilson said take however many reps you need on a given task within the routine to get to that place where you want to be. Alvin Davis, at a different point in the Q&A, mentioned that when he was on the road he would get to the opponent’s ballpark early to check it out and get comfortable. Rick Rizzz said he eats a big plate of meatballs and pasta before each game. My buddies thought he was kidding but I think he was serious. 🙂

When I approached him later for an auto, Jamie complemented my question, which I thought was kind of cool. I told him that some of things I got out of his response were the importance of consistency, being prepared, and respecting your teammates and the game. He then added, “Leave no stone unturned.” 🙂 Dan Wilson also complimented the question. Since I only had a Reds card for Willie, I asked if he could add “Go M’s” on it, and he graciously obliged. Somehow, I forgot to bring a card for Alvin Davis, so I asked him to sign my team ball. I thought about asking him to write “Mr. Mariner”, but I didn’t. He wrote “John 3:16” instead (of his own volition). He made no comment on my question ha ha. Thanks Jamie, Dan, and Alvin for signing, and for your comments and stories during the Q&A!

Lots of the current players signed! It was mostly pitchers – Matt Boyd on the team ball; Marco Gonzales, Chris Flexen, Andres Munoz, and Erik Swanson on cards. Thanks guys! I missed Diego Castillo (who was one spot over), and Matt Brash. He was over in the right field corner and signing a ton. I skeddadled over there, got a decent spot, and even followed if he went the other way, but I was about two fans away when he left. I have a jersey card I’d really like him to sign and I was quite disappointed. At least I gave it my best shot. Maybe next time! Also, several of the Mariners top minor leaguers were on the field. 2021 1st round draft pick Harry Ford signed my team ball. Thanks dude!

Before the game, I waited at the 120/119 aisle for Mitch Haniger. But Haniger and several of the other regulars were not in the lineup, and Dylan Moore, among other players, did not stop by. Jesse Winker signed about 10 at the next spot over, and Jarred Kelenic signed a ton in the right field corner (looked like mostly balls for kids).

The Game

In the top of the 1st, the M’s looked like a team that was up celebrating the night before. Even though Luis Castillo and company did not look sharp, they only gave up one run. They quickly got back in gear, scoring three in the bottom of the inning. Meanwhile, Castillo settled in, totaling 6 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 8 SO. That’s pretty good lol. I had to leave after the 6th inning to get to my cousin’s birthday party. The M’s tacked on a couple more runs in the bottom of the 8th to ice it.

Final Score – Mariners 5, A’s 1


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