09/27/22 – Rangers at Mariners

Autos – Matt Moore, Josh Jung
Final Score – Rangers 5, Mariners 0


Well it was kind of a slow pregame. By the time I got in, the Rangers were in the midst of their BP. It was a smaller crowd than in most of the previous games and much lower energy. Matt Moore signed a card at the camera well, and Josh Jung signed a baseball at the corner of the dugout. Thank you Matt and Josh!

The random MLB’ers ball I started earlier in the year filled up so I brought a new one to this game. I picked a ball I got in the dugout from one of the groundskeepers earlier this year. Thanks again man! It’s got a scuff and a little dirt on it from actually being used but is still relatively clean. This was the ball I gave to Josh Jung and he signed it graciously and very nicely on the sweet spot. I didn’t realize he was a first round pick and a major prospect, the #1 prospect in their organization in fact! When I found that out, I put the ball safely away. 🙂 Coincidentally, earlier this month I pulled an auto card from his younger brother Jace. There is definitely a family resemblance in the autos lol.

No longer ready with my random MLB’ers ball, I missed Bubba Thompson and a few other guys. I also missed Glen Otto at the camera well. I didn’t recognize him at first. By the time I got over he was wrapping things up and I was too far back in line when he left. I had a nice card for him so I felt a little bummed, but I already pulled an auto card from him earlier this summer so that’s some consolation.

Right before the game, I decided to stay on the Rangers’ side and wait for guys like Sam Huff, Marcus Semien, and of course, Corey Seager. None of them stopped by. Peeking over to the M’s side, I saw Mitch Haniger and Ty France signing but yeah I was on the opposite side around 20 sections away lol.

The Game

Rangers rookie 3rd baseman Josh Jung was the star of the game. He drove in all five Texas runs. In the top of the 2nd, he destroyed a ball for a solo homer to left. In the top of the 6th, he had an RBI single. In the top of the 8th, he destroyed another ball to center for a three run homer.

The M’s could get nothing going offensively. It was painful to watch. Fortunately the Orioles also lost, so the M’s magic number to make the playoffs went down to 5. I mean we haven’t been there since 2001 and it’s the longest postseason drought in major American professional sports so it’s a very big deal if we get in regardless of how we get in. 🙂

Final Score – Rangers 5, Mariners 0


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