09/13/22 – Padres at M’s

Autos – Robert Suarez, Nick Martinez, Josh Hader, Mike Clevinger
Final Score – Padres 2, Mariners 0


There was plenty of anticipation by autograph seekers as the San Diego Padres rolled into town. By the time I got in, the Mariners were done but the Padres were still doing BP. Mostly it was pitchers who were signing. Thank you to Robert Suarez, Nick Martinez, Josh Hader, and Mike Clevinger for signing! They signed by near the left field corner, plus Hader and Clevinger proceeded patiently and graciously down the line to the dugout, signing or posing for pictures for just about anyone who asked. I missed Seattle native Blake Snell, who signed a bunch at the home plate corner of the dugout. There were some batters signing here and there, including Juan Soto signing a couple on the field but I didn’t see many, if any, signing for the folks in the stands.

Just before the game, I had my usual angst about which side and which spot to wait at. The Mariners side looked surprisingly crowded for a Tuesday night, so I waited on the visitors side a couple of spots from the camera well. I missed Joe Musgrove over by the left field corner. Actually, I don’t remember if Musgrove signed at the end of BP or just before the game. Anyhow, Manny Machado didn’t come out, Soto did a long prayer and then went to the dugout, and no one came by, not even Wil Myers. At least my buddy got a ball signed by Ha-Seong Kim over at the dugout. Apparently, calling out in Korean helped. 🙂

The Game

It was a nice night for baseball, with an official attendance of 34,740. Both Logan Gilbert and Yu Darvish pitched very well. Gilbert gave up a run in the top of the 4th while Darvish brilliantly stymied the Mariners through eight scoreless innings. In the top of the 9th, Paul Sewald gave up one more run to make it 2-0. I think Darvish could have pitched a complete game, but San Diego brought in Josh Hader to close it out.

Final Score – Padres 2, Mariners 0


One thought on “09/13/22 – Padres at M’s”

  1. Another good summary! Padre pitchers showing off the tattoos…Clevinger, Musgrove, Manea. Only 10 home games left (non-playoffs that is).


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