09/10/22 – Braves @ Mariners

SGA – Dan Wilson Funco
Autos – Ty France, Marcell Ozuna, Raisel Iglesias, AJ Minter
Final Score – Mariners 3, Braves 1


There was a significant line, but not a super long one, as Season Ticket Holders entered the stadium for an early gate opening and each fan received a Dan Wilson Funko figure. Willie!!!!!! What a man 🙂

Dan Wilson Funko Pop

On the M’s side, the BP auto scene was pretty slow. Julio did not appear and Ichiro did not stop by. Andres Munoz signed a bunch at the first base end of the dugout, but I didn’t have anything for him. I waited by the home plate corner of the dugout. JP Crawford signed one or two but that was about it. It was a little better over the middle of the dugout. Sam Haggerty came by and signed a couple of jerseys, but not my card. Fortunately, Ty France came by and signed a bunch! When it was my turn, I slid my clipboard with the card and a blue Sharpie over the dugout to him. For whatever reason, he signed with a black Sharpie. No worries, it’s very nice. My first Ty France auto! Thank you Ty!!!

Ty France! Vive La France!

I wouldn’t say the Braves side was slow, but I would say you needed to be at the right place at the right time. Vaughn Grissom and Austin Riley signed some before I got over there. Marcell Ozuna signed a whole lot at the corner by the camera well, including my MLB’ers ball. Thank you Marcell! I tried asking him “Como estas?” and he said, “Esta todo bien”. With help from him and Siri, I learned that means, “It’s all good.” Right on, man! I actually had a nice card for him at home but I couldn’t find it, so MLB’ers ball it was.

Down by the left field corner, I got autos from Raisel Iglesias on a card and AJ Minter on the MLB’ers ball. Thanks guys! I tried asking Iglesias about his tattoos but I don’t think he understood me. Certainly, I didn’t understand him lol. I asked Minter about the cool Braves hats (I think they were black with the A stenciled in red) and he said they were for BP only. Fine with me, those caps are sharp. 🙂

At the home plate corner of the Atlanta dugout, Ronald Acuna Jr. signed a couple of cards, a couple of jerseys, and a bat at the home plate corner of the Atlanta dugout. I was all the way at the other end and got over there kind of late. I actually ended up in a decent spot but he didn’t signal for my card. That was a bummer. I don’t remember any other Braves signing for the rest of BP.

Both the Braves and Mariners sides were packed just before the start of the game. I picked the Braves side. If the third base dugout corner is the first spot, and the second spot is next to the camera well, I believe I was at the third spot down the line. Dansby Swanson signed at the fourth spot (of course lol). It was too crowded to get over there. He signed before the anthem, apparently kept the marker, took off his hat and went to stand with his teammates for the anthem, and then went back and continued signing a bunch with the same marker. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen that. It was pretty cool! Anyhow, all the other Braves gave the auto seekers The Heisman.

While all the Braves stuff was going, I occasionally peeked over to the M’s side. Carlos Santana signed over by Julio’s usual spot, Mitch Haniger DID sign at his spot over by the Key Bank sign, and I saw Julio over there at Mitch’s spot at some point on the way to the dugout.)

The Game

It was an eerily hazy night because of the smoke from wildfires in Eastern Washington, but still breathable. The birds near our house have been doing weird stuff for a couple of days now, so much that my daughters named yesterday and today “Animal Mayhem Days”. We’ll see if that extends through the weekend into next week, or what. At any rate, there was a large crowd with a paid attendance of 44,965.

The first 4-1/2 innings were a pitchers’ duel between Atlanta’s Max Fried and Seattle’s George Kirby. I started in Section 141 and later went up to Section 330. Both locations had very nice views of the game.

In the bottom of the 5th, Sam Haggerty tagged a ball 401 feet into Edgar’s Cantina (well, at least over the left field wall) to put the M’s up 1-0. My Oh My!

In the bottom of the 6th, Geno Suarez clobbered the ball 423 feet to deep center field to make it 2-0 good guys! It was his 28th homer of the season. Are all the guys still gonna dye their hair black and blonde if gets to 30? Lol.

Trouble brewed in the top of the 7th as the Braves got men to 1st and 3rd. Out came Kirby (to a standing ovation) and in came Andres Munoz of Los Bomberos.

Matt Olson hit into a fielder’s choice scoring Dansby Swanson. Travis d’Arnaud bounced the ball just ahead of home plate and Cal Raleigh tagged him out as Olson advanced to second. Then Munoz struck out Michael Harris II to put out the fire!

In the bottom of the 7th, Jesse Chavez walked pinch hitter Adam Frazier. JRod came up and drove him in with a double to the center field wall! M’s 3, Braves 1.

Erik Swanson came in for the top of the 8th and took care of business with the help of sliding catch in left field foul territory by Sam Haggerty. (Haggerty was 2 for 3 on those sliding catches in foul territory, incidentally.)

In the bottom of the 8th, Kirby Yates walked Meeeeetch Haniger. Geno Suarez flied out to right, after which a fan entered right field. He eluded the security agent from right field and made it to the middle of the left before he was tackled by the left field security guy, the right field guy, and like 10 other people. The left field security guy got a standing ovation while the field invader went to Time Out for the evening. After that delay, Carlos Santana struck out.

Paul Sewald came in for the top of the 9th. It’s been a bit of an adventure for him lately, but not today! Acuna grounded out. Swanson struck out. Austin Riley struck out too. Pauuuulie! M’s win!

Final Score – Mariners 3, Braves 1


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