08/23/22 – Nationals @Mariners

SGA – Native American Heritage Night Cap
Autos – Nelson Cruz, Darnell Coles
Final Score – M’s 4, Nats 2


It was an adventure getting to the ballpark, but I made it safely and in plenty of time thank goodness. As part of Native American Heritage Night, the first 10,000 fans received a special cap courtesy of the Emerald Queen Casino (run by the Puyallup tribe). The paid attendance was over 38,000 so glad I got there early, it’s a nice hat. 🙂

The Nationals were taking BP. My buddy Akira had a game used Nelson Cruz “Los Marineros” jersey. He got Nellie’s attention by the home plate corner of the visitors’ dugout, so I was pretty sure NC23 would come by. He did! I didn’t know whether to ask him to sign my Players’ Weekend “Boomstick” shersey with a black paint pen or a nice Stadium Club card with a blue sharpie. I opted for the shersey. It’s not perfect but it’s nice! I actually have an All Star shersey that he signed after the ASG in DC but it has bled/faded/etc. Hopefully this paint pen auto will fare better. Nellie proceeded to sign my buddy Akira’s game used jersey (complete with game diet), some balls, a card for my buddy David, and several Funkos. Later, Nats coach (and former Mariner) Darnell Coles also signed the random MLB’ers ball. Thank you Nellie and Darnell! I didn’t see many other Nats players or coaches signing, although I heard Nellie signed a bunch again just before the game.

Instead, just before the game, I tried for JRod and the other Mariners. I was originally at a spot by the end of the netting, with my buddy David and a guy trying to get his Julio jersey signed. I wasn’t feeling it, so I went to a spot closer to the camera well (like the second one over, I think). At the next spot to my right, Mitch Haniger came and signed a bunch, mostly balls for kids. A few minutes later, Julio signed near the angled part of the wall far down the first base line. You know, like right near my original spot lol. It looked like he mainly signed balls for kids, and not my buddy’s item, but he also signed that other guy’s jersey! Yay for him! I’ll have to try again. 🙂

I will say that I was very relaxed about autos today, and even thought it was a little disappointing not to get an auto from a current Mariner, I wasn’t devastated. I still felt pretty relaxed! Very pleasant. 🙂

The Game

There was a big crowd on hand on a beautiful night for baseball. Robby Ray was dealing for the M’s, and Eric Fedde was holding up his end for the Nationals – until the bottom of the 4th. Jessie Winker singled up the middle, and then Mitch Haniger hit a two run homer to left to put the M’s up 2-0! It felt like that would be all the M’s would need. Well, not exactly…

In the top of the 7th, Joey Meneses homered to deep center field. JRod tried for a leaping grab but it was well out of reach. I didn’t realize that Meneses also broke up Robbie Ray’s no no lol. It made the score 2-1. Later, with two out, Ray came out to a standing ovation. He deserved it! Check out the pitching lines below!

There was a pretty crazy intro with the lights going out and flames on the scoreboard and stuff for Andres Munoz, who apparently is one of Los Bomberos. He took care of business for the third out.

In the bottom of the 7th, the Mariners extended their lead. JP Crawford reached on an infield single, and Geno Suarez hit a rocket to left to put the good guys up 4-1.

Bombero Erik Swanson handled the top of the 8th. Bombero Paul Sewald gave up one run in the top of the 9th but it didn’t matter. M’s win!

Final Score – Mariners 4, Nationals 2

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