Blue Jays @M’s – 07/09/22

Autos – Santiago Espinal, Cavan Biggio, Jordan Romano, Anthony Banda, Zack Collins
Final Score – Mariners 2, Blue Jays 1


Well, it was interesting! It was an early entry for Season Ticket Holders. I think the M’s were finishing up and the Jays were just getting started. I pretty much went to the Jays side right away. Of course, until I saw JRod still near the M’s dugout. I wanted him to sign my souvenir bat. Besides fans on the field, he signed an uniform for one of the crazies and went in. While that was happening, I missed super-signer Logan Gilbert. I also missed Bo Bichette at the Jays dugout. It looked like he signed like 40 from far away but I heard it was more like 15, including my buddy’s Funco box (yay!). I feel a little silly about missing out on Logan and Bichette, but I wanted Julio to sign my bat so I went for it. Choices 🙂

Later, or before, I don’t really remember, #5 Santiago Espinal signed my assorted MLB’ers ball – through the net, no less! Cavan Biggio signed a 2021 Opening Day card very nicely, and again the Sharpie came out spotty. Jordan Romano also signed a card. Even that one, from the 2021 Update Series, is a little spotty. Think I need to experiment with roughing up those 2021’s before getting them signed — or just replace them with other releases. Anyway, thank you Santiago, Cavan, and Jordan!

At the dugout corner, I asked Anthony Banda to sign a card. He said he would do it on the way back. While I was there, I missed George Springer signing at the corner next to the camera well. By the time I got over there, I was simply too far back.

Then, Vlad Jr was signing at the middle of the dugout!!! Cool! I scurried over and managed to get pretty much right in front of him with my souvenir bat. However, apparently he was only signing baseballs (on a side panel in black pen, except for one card that one of the pushier crazies slid to him, regardless of whether or not he pointed to her). Since I already had purchased a ball (from Topps) and card (Topps card on eBay) signed by Vlad Jr a while ago, I didn’t really want another ball. For me, it was again a tough call, give the guy a ball cause that’s what he’s signing (even if that’s not exactly what I wanted), or wait for what I want (even if he doesn’t appear to be signing that type of item)? Again, choices 🙂

As Vlad Jr was finishing up, I saw Banda was signing at the corner, so I got back over there (after going around some rude people lol). I thought I missed him but it turned out he was actually waiting for me! I slid my clipboard with his card…. but it got stuck on the dugout! Doh! Fortunately, he was patient and Ginger the Usher helped me out. He signed it very nicely. I particularly appreciate when guys say they’ll sign later, and then come back and actually do it. Thank you Anthony!!!

Finally, #21 Zack Collins signed at the dugout. I had a card for him but tossing him the MLB’ers ball just made more sense. He signed it nicely. Thank you Zack!

Just before the game, I went to the M’s side and waited for Julio. Our spot was beyond the netting. It was several kids (and me lol :). There was a kid with a jersey, and a girl with a souvenir bat and blue sharpie (just like me), so I really thought he would come by. Instead he went to a spot closer to the camera well. Oh well. (Get it?) Again at least I tried, that is significant. 🙂

The Game

We had lots of fun sitting in the JRod’s Squad section. One of my buddies got a Funco-style Fathead-style Julio face from the M’s. I spent plenty of time waving it around, screaming to cheer on JRod, etc. The back of my head was on the big screen at least once lol.

Much of the game was a tense pitcher’s duel between Robby Ray and Alex Manoah, in front of a big crowd of around 41,000 Americans and Canadians.

Around the 4th inning or so, I went to get some food and drink. When I saw the lines, I started heading back. However, my buddy intercepted me and somehow convinced me to get back in line. While we were there for like two innings, George Springer hit a solo homer to give the Jays a 1-0 lead in the top of the 6th. It’s amazing how many homers I’ve missed while in a concession line, in the restroom, or doing whatever on my phone. Plus when we got up there, they were out of the $3 hot dogs (I wanted two) so I ended up getting a $15 pizza. Whoa! At least it was good. 🙂

I believe it was the bottom of the 7th when Carlos Santana hit a two run homer to right and put us up 2-1.

Diego Castillo closed out the 9th, in way too exciting a fashion. He loading the bases before Matt Chapman grounded out to end the game. Phew!

Final Score US 2, Canada 1 🙂

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