O’s @M’s – 06/28/22

Autos – Chris Flexen, Logan Gilbert, Robinson Chirinos, Dillon Tate
Goodies – Photo on the Field, JRod’s Squad cheering section and T-shirt, customization of Sunday jersey
Final Score – Mariners 2, Orioles 0


It was an early gate opening during which many Mariners did BP and not many signed. However, Chris Flexen and Logan Gilbert did sign. They are chill, they sign a lot, and you can actually chat with them a bit, Two of my favorite pitchers on the M’s. Thanks for signing guys!

The O’s spent a really long time taking BP but very little time signing. They were not particularly friendly. 🙂 Adley Rutschmann might have signed for one kid, that was about it, and some other random dudes signed here or there. Robinson Chirinos and Dillon Tate both signed for a bunch of people, including yours truly. Thank you gentlemen!

I picked up my customized Sunday jersey — 44 for Julio Rodriguez. Paul the customizer guy said he liked that it was just the numbers and not the whole name. 🙂 Then, one of my buddies invited me and a couple of his other friends for a photo on the field. Nice stuff!

After that, I picked up my JRod Squad T shirt (my wife thinks it’s hilarious). Then I waited for JRod just before the game. Since I was standing next to two girls who also had jerseys, I thought a had a shot at getting my jersey signed, but he went to another spot instead.

The Game

The JRod’s Squad section was fun! There was lots of enthusiastic chanting for Julio throughout the game, people trying to get a ball thrown to them, general goofiness, etc. Amazing he can focus with all that going on behind him, and still interact with the crowd! Just plain fun, 🙂

It was a pitchers’ duel — Robby Ray (1 hit) versus Dean Kramer (4 hits). Ray had his one bad inning (the 4th?) but survived, and Kramer escaped from trouble with some great fielding by Phil Nevin’s son and Cedric Mullins, among others.

In the top of the 8th, with Diego Castillo on the mound, Eugenio Suarez fielded a ground error to third and made an errant throw, but Carlos Santana (in his first game as a Mariner) leaped up to save the ball, and then tagged the runner on the way down! It was a huge play to keep the game scoreless.

In the bottom of the 8th, JP Crawford led off with a single. JP! JP! Then everyone was going crazy for JRod. He hit it somewhere and somehow avoided the tag on the way to first… and JP ran all the way to third! Jesse Winker came in and double to drive in JP and JRod!

That turned out to be the game winning hit. Paul Sewald closed out the 9th to seal the deal.

Final Score – Mariners 2, Orioles 0

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