Astros@M’s – 05/28/22

Autos – Gurriel and McCullers
Game – M’s 6, Astros 0


Well it was an Early Gate Opening. I went for the home plate corner of the dugout, hoping for Julio Rodriguez. He did come by, more towards the middle of the dugout, and signed some jerseys and maybe a ball or two for kids. I was pretty much right in front of him but he didn’t sign my ball. I was disappointed, but at least two of the jerseys were for my buddies! Magnificent! Kyle Lewis came by but I was a little too far off. George Kirby signed a bunch by one of the openings in the netting near Section 119. I thought it was Logan Gilbert (forgot he was pitching tonight) so I didn’t rush over. That was a mistake. By the time I got to the front, he was done. So I struck out with the Mariners.

The Astros were interesting. I mainly stayed at the third base corner of the dugout. The best spot was to lean over the camera well into that corner. Diaz, Bregman, and Dusty Baker signed like 1-3 items. Mauricio Dubon signed a bunch but I missed him. My buddy got baseballs signed by Bregman and Baker! That’s cool. Fortunately, I got a mini card signed by Yuli Gurriel— with no smudging this time! Surprisingly, after most of the players had gone in, Lance McCullers Jr. was there towards the other end of the dugout. He very nicely signed a card for me. Thanks Yuli and Lance! Two of my favorite Astros actually.

Just before the game, I waited on the M’s side for J-Rod over by the end of the netting. He came by to a couple of spots and signed mostly for kids as far as I could tell. When I followed Julio from the first spot to the other, I said, “Excuse me,” and this dorky guy responded, “You’re not getting past me. This is for the kids.” So pompous. I reminded him, “No it’s for everyone!” as I easily made my way around him via the next row. At the next “Excuse me”, the adults simply let their fellow adult (aka me) walk around them. Thank you for being gracious. 🙂 It didn’t make much difference, Julio again signed for a few kids and then went to the dugout. I feel a little depressed that I struck out again, but at least I was in good spots and I tried!

The Game

The Mariners dominated this one from start to finish. Logan Gilbert was outstanding! I was busy chatting when Kyle Lewis hit a monster home run. I didn’t see the swing but I certainly heard it! JRod made some exciting contributions again, including another stolen base. That dude is big and fast. Meanwhile, the Astros made several fielding blunders that kept innings alive and helped the M’s pile it on. Nice win for the M’s! Final Score Mariners 6, Astros 0.

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