A’s vs. M’s – 05/24/22


I decided to enter via The Pen today (so at 4:40, two hours before first pitch). Got a free refillable soda cup through the designated driver program. The M’s were already done so I watched the A’s do BP. Even the A’s finished BP before 5:10 (when all the gates opened and fans could access the seats). That was the bad news. The good news was that one of the grounds crew members in the bullpen tossed me a baseball! Thank you!

It was pretty empty and I wasn’t much interested in the A’s, so I went to the M’s side for the pregame. I tried to figure out where JRod would sign, and sat in Section 119 between the two most likely spots. When Taylor Trammel came by to one of the spots, I guessed that JRod would go over to the other. Nevertheless, I went over to get Taylor’s auto on the team ball and he signed it nicely. Thanks man!

Unfortunately, going over to Taylor’s spot meant I was late getting back to the other spot. That’s where JRod signed a bunch. It looked like mostly kids but some adults too. By the time I got there, he signed about three more and then took off. Ugh, so close yet so far away. Hopefully next time he can sign a ball for me! That would be awesome. 🙂

The Game

It was an entertaining game. I don’t think either team had more than a two run lead at any point. Tony Kemp was a difference maker with his speedy baserunning. There were several homers, including one by Julio Rodriguez.

Also, I sat with one of my college buddies for the whole game. He was in town from Washington DC. It was fun to catch up. I finally handed over our fantasy football league’s plaque after two or three years in my office (don’t ask). Also, after much deliberation, we decided that the Washington Wizards should be renamed the Washington Justice, play on The Supreme Court, bang gavels and stuff, have a strong bench, etc. Washington Generals was already taken. 🙂 Alternatively, I suppose they could just be the Washington Basketball Team.

Final Score – A’s 7, M’s 5.

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