2021 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster – Fun :)

I picked up a blaster of 2021 Allen and Ginter online from Target. I’m glad Target is selling more releases online and that collectors can actually buy one just for fun even after they’ve been out for a week. I was looking for some set help (both base and inserts). Each blaster has 8 packs, with each pack usually containing 6 cards (1 insert, 1 mini, 4 base) unless there is a special insert (like a memorabilia card). Let’s take a pack-by-pack look:

Pack 1:

Insert: Birds of a Feather – Blue & Gold Macaw (Go Bears! Lol)

Mini: Carrasco SP

Base: Wrangham, Simba!, Feller, Thomas

Pack 2:

Insert: Jeter Historical Hits

Mini: Freddie Freeman black border 🙂

Base: Biggio, Will Smith

Hit: Max Muncy relic! There aren’t any “guaranteed” hits in these blasters so this uni relic was a pleasant surprise. 🙂

Pack 3:

Insert: Great White Shark (working on this set, think I have about 5/15 so far)

Mini: McGwire (St. Louis)

Base: Walsh, Bauer’s, Woodruff SP, Larkin

Pack 4:

Insert: Jo Adell Murad

Mini: Zack Wheeler A&G back

Base: Molina, Canseco, Story, Abreu RC

Pack 5:

Insert: Beech Tree!

Mini: Schwarber

Base: LeMahieu, Trout, Castellanos, Flaherty

Pack 6:

Insert: Aaron Boone Historical Hits

Mini: Caldwell 93

Base: Gregorious, Rose Lavelle (ladies soccer player, feel like there are a lot fewer females in this year’s set for whatever reason), Lavin, Rendon

Pack 7:

Insert: Rallying Back: Brown Bear!

Mini: Brailyn Marquez MRD-8 (This “mini rookie design” variation looks like an A&G RC from earlier in the 21st Century.)

Base: Peterson RC, Tatis Jr., Corbin SP, Will Craig RC

Pack 8:

Insert: Juan Soto Murad

Mini: Good For You – Grapefruit (yuck!)

Base: Beuhrle, Martinez, MIke Lange (“Heeeeee shoots and scores!), Ernie Banks

This blaster was a fun break! Out of 47 cards (if I added correctly), I got 8 new base, 18 doubles, 4 SP doubles, a mini double, 7 new minis, 8 new inserts, and (surprise!) a uniform relic card. Didn’t get as much base set help as I wanted (8 new base, 18 dupes, plus 4 SP doubles) but the 8 minis and 8 inserts were cool. I especially like the Shark (“Deep Sea Shiver”) and Bird (“Birds of a Feather”) inserts. Those are really colorful even while staying with the muted Allen & Ginter palettes. The Muncy relic in the second pack was also a nice surprise. Like I’ve said elsewhere, this year’s set seems to have more baseball than in previous years, but it still has enough oddballs to be amusing. 🙂 Overall, I’d give this 2021 A&G blaster (and the release in general) 4 out 5 stars!

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