2021 Panini Score Football Blasters – Fun :)

Ever since Target switched to online only sales for cards, I search their app periodically for new retail releases. I was pleasantly surprised to see Score blasters available, so I ordered three. My goals include completing the base vet and RC sets, and having cards for each of the players on my fantasy team.

To me, Score is just a fun break. The pictures are from game action. It has more players than most of the other products, and includes some of the defense and special team players in addition to the usual offensive heroes. Guys like Michael Dickson, punter for your Seattle Seahawks!

In addition to the standard stats and Panini blurbs, there are the Fun Facts on the back of each base card. I mean maybe everyone already knew that Michael Dickson enjoys cooking sweet potato fries, but did you know any of these things about Bobby Wagner, Alvin Kamara, or Brandin Cooks?




“Fun Facts” from 2021 Panini Score Football

Seriously, I almost bought Score this year just for the Fun Facts. 🙂

After opening my first box, I was disappointed that there was no relic or auto as in years past. Then I looked at the box and realized there was no mention of either being “guaranteed” in a blaster. Whoops. 🙂

However, I believe there was a lava parallel guaranteed in each blaster. The lava parallels look sick! This Chris Godwin card is sweet. #/575 but who cares. This picture doesn’t do it justice. The lavas look cool in person.

The gold parallels are also fun (even if they can be hard to notice at first glance). I will probably trade most of those. Already traded Aldon Smith and Zeke to a Cowboys fan.

I was pleasantly surprised to “score” ha ha a nice relic in the third box. Don’t really know Joshua Kelley but I like the light blue Jersey. I’m assuming it’s from the Chargers and not UCLA. Anyway, it’s a keeper. 🙂

I didn’t find the other inserts particularly captivating, unless they had a favorite player or team on there. Think I like the “Next Level Stats” the most. From what I’ve seen, the hobby boxes had cooler inserts, a wider variety of parallels, the guaranteed sticker autos, etc. Except for the lavas!!! lol 🙂

Regarding the goal of having cards for each of the players on my fantasy team – well I don’t know who’s on my team yet. I will say that plenty of the guys from last year are there with last year’s uniform. In three blasters, I got 166/300 vets and 85/100 rookies.

The most fun thing about Score is it’s “tradeability”. It is a relatively low cost release with all of the big names and some of the lesser known players, which is especially relevant in today’s inflated market. You can build a base set (inserts too if you want) at reasonable cost while actually trading with your fellow collectors. As of this post, I’m up to 275/300 vets and 94/100 rookies, after like four trades and two purchases over about a week. At least that’s what my inventory says. 🙂

Overall, I give the 2021 Score Football blasters 4 out of 5 stars!

One thought on “2021 Panini Score Football Blasters – Fun :)”

  1. Oh this is good to know! My son went to Target ready to buy cards and the first go around, the sign said cards were only available on certain days and you were only allowed to buy one package. Then the next time we went the sign said that they are no longer selling them in the store. I didn’t understand why – now I know! My son will be happy to hear this and shop online 🙂 Thank you for the great blog!

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