09/24/19 – Astros at Mariners

Autos, etc.

Well, not a whole lot of luck this time around.  It was an early gate opening and for the Mariners I was looking for Ichiro, Kyle Lewis, Omar Narvaez, and Shed Long.  Lewis and Long did not stop to sign by the dugout and Ichiro went in before signing, even for folks on the field.

On the Astros side, Chris Devenski signed, that was cool.  He took a long look at the card (he hadn’t seen it before) and was looking at what was on the back — lots of stats. 🙂  I offered him the card but said someone would probably send one in the mail.  He signed it and was just cool about it, as usual.  Thank you Devo!


After that, I waited and waited for Jose Altuve by the middle of the dugout, waving my awesome life-sized Jose Altuve shersey contraption.  He was going to hook up so folks down on the field so I thought he would stop by for me and sign the shirt.  He did not.

Before the game, I waited down the left field line with my cardboard Altuve thing, next to my buddy Sam and his siblings with their huge bright orange cowboy hats.  Sam and I got Carlos Correa over one time, it was awesome. 🙂  Correa signed the star on my old school Astros shirt and everything!  I thought Altuve might come by for the kids and just for the hell of it also sign my shirt.  Well, Bregman went to the corner by the camera well,  and Springer went a little over from him.  Altuve indeed came towards us, but then he veered away and went to some kids a little further down.  It looked like all three of them were signing for mainly for kids (if not exclusively) and it didn’t work out.  So Devo was the saving grace tonight.  Thanks bro. 🙂

I’ll try again tomorrow.  I might go over to the M’s side during Astros BP and who knows, maybe I’ll catch Altuve there.  Wish me luck!

The Game


It was a nice night for baseball, a little cold but then again it was the last week of September.  Officially fall already.  Anyhow, Gerrit Cole was amazing as usual.  All the dude did was throw strikes 96 mph plus for seven innings, keeping the M’s scoreless while striking out 14.


Justin Dunn fared much better in his second MLB start, pitching two scoreless innings, and that was definitely nice to see.  Alex Bergman snuck a homer just barely fair and over the left field wall at some point.  The Mariners threatened at points in the 8th and 9th innings, but ultimately the Astros won 3-0.


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