09/11/19 – Reds at Mariners

Autos, etc.

In terms autos, just Reds tonight.  Tucker Barnhardt, Derek Dietrich, Amir Garrett, Kevin Gausman, Brian O’Grady, Alex Blandino, Nick Senzel all signed.  Thanks guys!

Sometimes you actually get to chat with the guys.  Even a sentence here or there can be meaningful,  Derek Dietrich asked me how I was doing, and I said, “Great, I get to be here!”  He smiled and replied with something to the effect of, “Me too.”  For whatever reason I really enjoyed that exchange. I also joked around with Amir Garrett in a less meaningful exchange about his fresh gold sneakers, which are apparently not available in stores. 🙂

I didn’t recognize a lot of the Reds players, so there was some rushing to the assorted MLB’ers ball, roster checking, and auto matching going on.   In the case of Tucker Branhart, I didn’t recognize him for sure so I just gave him my assorted MLB’ers ball to sign.  Felt like I should have given him a card after confirming his identity.  For most players, I prefer the card over the ball.  I give the assorted MLB’ers ball to the ones I don’t recognize or don’t have cards for.  For superstars, I usually try to get an auto on a ball first, then a card, shirt, or maybe even a jersey.  Anyway, thanks again for signing guys, I appreciate it! 🙂

As the game was starting, I felt depressed.  It was 9/11 and that of course was/is such a tragedy.  I was depressed that Joey Votto didn’t sign for me today.  Instead he looked at me and the guy next to me and said, “I’ve gotta go,” as he ran into the dugout.  At least he signed for a little kid, and granted this was a couple of minutes before the game, but still… lol.

Anyhow while writing this and considering 9/11, I was reminded of so many wonderful things in my life — my wonderful family, good health, a nice house, nice cars, plenty of resources, getting to attend and watch games, collecting cards and autos, this iPhone, the Internet… of course I could go on and on.  I really am grateful to have a wonderful life.  Thank you Universe!

The Game

It was another beautiful night for baseball.

The Reds scored a couple of early runs against Marco Gonzales, who did not look sharp at the start but improved as he went along.  Sonny Gray walked a couple and in the 5th inning I suddenly realized he had a no hitter going!  I don’t know why, developing no hitters see, to sneak up on me.

In the top of the 6th (or 7th, I don’t remember), Gray seemed to be tiring.  He walked somebody and hit somebody, something like that.  I do remember that Kyle Lewis broke up the no-no with a 3 run blast to right!  My buddy said this place would go crazy if he hit a homer here.  He was right!  The 4,000 or so M’s fans at the game went bananas!  He also put the M’s up 3-2.  Nice job Kyle, two homers in two MLB games!  Great start dude. 🙂

Despite a 5-2 lead, the M’s flirted with disaster in the top of the 9th.  The Reds loaded the bases.  A lady in the section over got hit in the shoulder with a foul ball rocket.  Hopefully she was ok.  While I was looking over there, something weird happened, the Reds scored and Scott Servais argued and got ejected.  Anyhow Anthony Bass got Joey Votto to ground out and end the game!  The good guys won lol.  Final score Mariners 5, Reds 3.



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