08/26/19 -Yankees at Mariners

Autos, etc.

No autos that I’m aware of for the people in the stands, including yours truly.  Not unexpected but disappointing.  On the other hand, one of my buddies was on the field for bp and got autos from Felix, Ichiro, Reggie Jackson, and Judge, among others.  So at least somebody had a good night in the world of autograph collecting. 🙂

The Game


It was another beautiful night for baseball.  In the 2nd inning, the Yanks scored four but the M’s came back with three of their own.  New York added another one in the 4th to go up 5-3.

Mallex Smith homered in the bottom of the 7th but the Yankees held on and defeated the Mariners 5-4.

Postgame Auto

I tried something new today, which was to hang out by the media entrances/ exits/ elevators right after the game.  It felt like stalking cause it kind of was lol.  I can only imagine what the scene is like at the hotel.  Anyway,  in addition to two of my buddies, there were a handful of the crazier autograph crazies up there. 🙂  I said hello to Eduardo Perez from ESPN and he gave an acknowledgement.  I saw Ken Griffey Jr. (or at least the side and back of him) and called out to him as he scurried past the elevators without giving acknowledgement.

As the Yankee broadcasters approached and then waited by the elevators,  I told John Sterling I liked his calls (even if they’re sometimes annoying) and then saw David Cone!  To be honest I didn’t recognize him with glasses and a suit, but all the crazies swarmed to him so I quickly realized who it was.  I told him I loved when he was with the Mets as he very graciously and attentively signed a ball for me.  Great auto, you can even read his name lol.  Thank you David!  This late development totally turned around the whole autograph thing for me tonight, awesome!




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