08/24/19 – Blue Jays at Mariners

Autos, etc.


I started on the Mariners side, not knowing how long I should stay there before crossing over to the Canadian side.  When I entered, I saw that the Ichiro line was very short.  This was because he has not been signing much, if at all, for people in the stands lately.  So of course you know what happened.

I didn’t want to miss out on the other guys, so I went back and forth between the corner by the camera well, the middle of the dugout, and the Ichiro line at the home plate corner of the dugout.  Lots of guys were signing.  Eric Swanson (#50) signed my team ball, as did Jake Fraley (he added a bible reference too).  Domingo Santana signed by the camera well and Sam Tuivailala also signed a little further down.  I missed out when Justus Sheffield came by.  Daniel Vogelbach, in a rare occurrence, signed a bunch of autos by the middle of the dugout.  He did a nice job on my card.  Thanks Vogie!

At some point in the midst of all that, Ichiro started signing items as they were passed to and fro by the ushers.  By the time I got back there it was too late.   The ushers wanted a line but unfortunately it was more like a small mob.  It looked like he signed less than ten items before stopping going to his spot behind the batting cage.

I held out hope that he would sign again for the people in the line.  So I waited there.  Based on prior experience, I should have known better that we would just get the wave as he headed in.  While waiting there I missed out on Broxton and Kikuchi for the M’s, and Bichette, Vlad Jr., and Jansen for the Blue Jays.  That was the bad news.  The good news was that Justus Sheffield was talking with some folks on the field, well after the other Mariners had left.  So I waited there by the Ichiro corner.  My patience paid off and this time he signed a card for me.  Thanks man!

Thanks to all the Mariners who signed today.  I appreciate it!



Blue Jays

Entering the game, I was going back and forth between being pessimistic about the Blue Jays stars signing and being optimistic.  My Blue Jays experience ended up being very similar to my Mariners one.  I missed on the bigger stars but got nice autos from more of the regular guys.  For their part, the Blue Jays appeared to sign a lot for the throng of Canadians and graphers.

Before BP, Vlad Jr. signed about ten before by the camera well.  Bo Bichette signed a bunch over by the 3rd base side of the dugout.  Danny Jansen and some others signed for the masses.

During BP, Vlad Jr. and Teoscar Hernandez put on a great show, launching balls to the upper deck bleachers in left field.  After batting/fielding/etc., Vlad Jr. signed for about ten people on the field.  I saw him sign and give his bat to a little kid, that was pretty cool.  Bo Bichette again signed a bunch, mostly for kids but also for some adults.  One kid touched Bo’s famous hair lol.  I was in a good spot but he didn’t sign my ball.  Teoscar Hernandez signed a bunch, including a card for me.  I pulled his card from a set just in case he signed.  My preparation paid off.  Thanks man!

There were a few guys who went down the line and signed for as many people as possible, young and old alike.  I always appreciate when players are that inclusive.   Jacob Waguespack (#62), Billy McKinney, and Manager Charlie Montoyo all signed my assorted MLBers ball.  Thank you, gentlemen!



The Game

It was another beautiful summer night for baseball. I was worried it would be too cold but it turned out just fine. With more than half the stadium filled with Blue Jays fans, I decided to sit on the M’s side this time.   A group of my graphing buddies were surprised when I miraculously appeared at their side. I enjoyed talking to them while I watched the game and worked on my blog.

Felix Hernandez looked a little depressed and out of shape when he walked from the bullpen to the dugout before today’s start, his first since May 11th. He did his part for the M’s. He used somewhere around 75 pitches over 5 2/3 innings. He gave up two runs on three hit, including solo homers to Teoscar Hernandez and Bo Bichette.

The Mariners offense even helped Felix out, with two runs early in the game and a three run 5th inning homer by Omar Narvaez to go up 5-2.

Unfortunately, the bullpen blew it for the M’s. I think this is a big part of the M’s tanking strategy — keep it together and build a small lead early in the game, then bring in a weak bullpen and lose it. In the top of the 7th, bad pitching and defense by the Mariners helped the Jays tie it up 5-5. They went ahead 6-5 on a clutch Rowdy Tellez double.

In the top of the 8th, the Jays added a run. Danny Jansen walked and Bo Bichette brought him home with a double to center.  That kid can flat out hit!  Looks like, as long as he gets a pitch to hit, he can put the ball wherever he wants.  That whole 2nd generation thing. 🙂


I left in the middle of the 8th, hoping to beat the traffic and get a seat on the light rail.  I was successful on both fronts.  On the train, I listened as the M’s threatened in the bottom of the 8th but did not score.  Canada left happy and America did not. Final score Blue Jays 7, Mariners 5.

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