Padres at Mariners – 08/06/19

Autos, etc.

Well it was Baseball Card Night courtesy of our friends at Topps.  The first 15,000 or so fans received a nice National Baseball Card Day promo pack.  I liked this year’s design, which I thought was brighter than previous years.  Anyhow, I like the cards I got — Dee Gordon, Yusei Kikuchi, Mitch Haniger, and Kyle Seager. Thanks Topps!


A good number of M’s signed today during BP.  I missed on Kikuchi and Domingo Santana but did get autos from Haniger (Dude, did you really have to sign straight over the word “Mariners”? Lol), Gordon, Mallex Smith, and Keon Broxton. IMG_3341In fact, you can see Dee signing my card in the picture to the right. (Thanks to my buddy David for the pic.) Also, Dave Valle signed the over by The Pen before the Root Sports pregame show.  Thank you gentlemen!


Yes I lined up in the Ichiro line and no he didn’t sign for the line.  He also avoided the graphers/stalkers in the parking lot at yesterday’s Tacoma Rainier games. People are speculating that he’s sick of the same people over and over lol.   I prefer to think Ichiro likes to be unpredictable. 🙂 Anyway, I got to catch up with some of the other autograph crazies, and he did sign for the folks on the field for BP and one kid in the Diamond Club.  I’ll try again at another game. 🙂

I waited in the Ichiro line a long time before heading over to the Padres side.  Greg Garcia signed a bunch, and so did one of the pitchers.  At some point I realized it was Chris Paddack, but I was still waiting for Ichiro.  Paddack must have signs like 800 autos.  Unfortunately just as I got over there, he was heading away.  It was like being number 803 out of 800.  Bummer!  Also missed on Matt Straham by the camera well.   Further, Tatis Jr. did a few on the field but that was it.  Renfroe, Urias, and (surprisingly) Machado did not sign.  That’s all the bad news.

The good news is that Joey Luchessi signed after BP and Wil Myers signed before the game.  For whatever reason I used a black Sharpie for the Luchessi card.  It looks good anyway.  Myers was going with someone else’s black Sharpie and the auto is fascinating.  It’s extremely thin, not quite sure how he did that (or if the marker was low on ink), but it’s nice and sharp.  Anyhow, thanks guys!


The Game

It was another beautiful night for baseball.  The game was scoreless through four innings.  San Diego scored five in the top of the 5th and went up 5-0.  I was busy chatting with my buddies and looking up stuff on the phone and wasn’t exactly focused on the game.  Until I got an update from MLB, I didn’t even realize that San Diego starter Dinelson Lamet had a no hitter going!  Omar Narvaez of the M’s broke it up in the bottom of the 7th.  Or was it the 6th.  Anyhow not much was going well for the home team.

In the top of the 8th, Eric Hosmer lined an absolute rocket to right field for his 17th homer of the year (estimated by Statcast to be 394 feet and 114 mph at a launch angle of 16 degrees).  I think some other guy homered for them too.  They extended the lead to 8-0.

In the middle of the 8th, the M’s show a corny Root Sports Rewind with “highlights” from the game, no matter how badly it’s going.  I mean they showed replays of fans on the Flex Cam and Kyle Seager running down a foul ball.  Maybe also the hit that broke up the no no.  Ugh.

Things got better for the good guys in the bottom of the 8th.  Mallex Smith beat out the throw to first and later scored on a JP Crawford double.  I think then Domingo Santana singled to send Crawford to third.  After an attempted steal and a wild throw by Austin Hedges into center field, Crawford came home and Santana went to third.  Then, Tim Lopes made his first major league hit count with a two run homer to make it 8-4.

Amazingly enough, there were folks a couple of rows behind me (Boys and Girls’ Clubs), four rows in front of me (Rock and Roll All Night, Groove is in the Heart), and three seats to the right (Groove is in the Heart) who all got on DiamondVision (or is it MarinersVision?) here in Section 119 Row 19.  I know I didn’t shave but c’mon man, what about me??? Lol.  Usually I’d run over and get in the frame but this time I didn’t want to ruin these fine people’s moments.  Put me on next time.  Especially for Groove is in the Heart, and Rock and Roll All Night, two of my favorite jams! 🙂


Anyhow the M’s lost, final score Padres 9 – Mariners 4.

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