Tigers at Mariners – 07/28/19

Autos, etc.

Well it was a Sunday, which is a completely different energy than the rest of the week.  No BP but some of the pitchers play catch.  A few of the Mariners signed today. Kikuchi and Gonzales did not sign, but thank you Sam Tuivalala (who is 1/2 Tongan, 1/4 Mexican, and 1/4 Caucasian American if I heard him right) for signing a card and to Hunter Strickland (#43) and Anthony Bass (#52) for signing my team ball!


Leading up to today’s game, I was wondering if I would even pack anything for the Tigers.  After hearing from one of the other crazies, who got some cool autos Thursday and Friday, I decided I would at least bring a few cards.  Instead of making custom pages and putting them in my visiting team’s binder, I just put a team bag together and put them in a plastic card box.  This turned out to be a mistake.  There wasn’t much in the box and somehow it got crushed, messing up a bunch of the corners.  Oh man!  In the future, assuming I have time, I’ll make the extra effort and protect the cards in a proper binder.

Eventually, I went over over to the Tigers side where there was next to nothing going on.  There was only one pitcher out and he signed, but I didn’t know who it was and I got there too late.  I did run into an old friend’s husband, and later got to catch up with her, which was great!

Before the game, I stayed on the Mariners side and had a good spot (about midway down the right field line) but struck out.  Kyle Seager (after signing a senior lady’s jersey) and Mallex Smith both told me they were mainly signing for the kids.  I still felt snubbed but didn’t take it quite as personally as I sometimes do.  While I’m cool with kids first, I like it better when the players also include everyone else!  Dan Vogelbach was signing at the corner by the camera well, but it seemed quite crowded and I didn’t run over there. I was mainly looking for JP Crawford or Tim Beckham but didn’t see either of them signing.

So overall a slow day in the world of autograph collecting, but the ones I did get were nice.  Thanks again guys!


The Game

2AB1010A-6056-4A45-91DD-C53906DCA47A.jpegIt was a beautiful Sunday afternoon for baseball!  At first it was actually a little breezy and cool but later it was quite comfortable (even in the sun, where it’s usually too hot for me).  On the Mariners side, I was chatting with one of my autographing buddies and on the Tigers side, I was catching up with an old friend.  With all the chatting, I wasn’t paying as much attention to the game as usual.  At least I was spending less time on the phone. 🙂

The Tigers took an early lead while Matt Boyd pitched very well.  The M’s got a run at some point, and in the 7th or 8th inning Domingo Santana homered to left to make it 2-2. The M’s then got some good relief from Anthony Bass (thanks again 🙂 in the 8th and Roenis Elias in the 9th.


In the bottom of the 10th, Dylan Moore doubled to right, and then JP Crawford blooped a single between three (or four) Tigers in short right field for the walk-off winner!  The final score was Mariners 3, Tigers 2.  Yay!






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