07/20/19 – Angels at Mariners

Autos, etc.

D3385957-CC47-4498-8380-02971D411F54Even with the early opening, it was a slow go getting in to the park.  I was running late, there were (overly?) exhaustive security checks, they were giving away Edgar Martinez Funco dolls, the Angels were in town, and it was a Saturday evening.  Anyhow I got in just fine to get a decent place in the Ichiro line.  He signed plenty for the BP guests on the field but did not get the line today.  We’ll see another day.  I was pretty focused on Ichiro and missed some of the other dudes who signed.  It would have been pretty slim pickings even if I was more focused.  At least I did run over when Mitch Haniger made a surprise appearance.  (At least I was surprised because he is still recovering from an awful injury.  He said he is feeling better.)   He signed a card very nicely, as usual.  Thanks Mitch!


AAC088EB-5BA4-4E89-94A6-931AEF5B7DB7There was probably even less signing happening for the people in the stands on the Angels side. Luis Rengifo (#4, the guy who broke up Mike Leake’s perfect game last night) signed at the dugout at the end of BP.  Thanks man!

Mike Trout usually signs right before the game.  Apparently, yesterday he signed way up the 3rd base line, so I waited there today thinking lightning might strike twice.  It didn’t.  He went straight to the corner by the camera well, signed a bunch, and went on his way.  Let’s see what happens tomorrow! You never know. 🙂

The Game


In the bottom of the 2nd, Omar Narvaez hit a foul ball. I was tracking it as it approached us but landed a couple of rows up and about 10–15 seats away. Then, as you can see in the video above, it bounced right towards me.  So I pounced, and apparently jumped up to the next row.  I scrambled as the ball bounced again and rolled past me.  It went down to the next row.  You know, where I was originally sitting.  I valiantly stretched under a seat but the ball eluded my fingertips… and rolled down to a kid who had been waiting patiently all along.  Is there a moral to this story?  I don’t think so, but at least I provided some extra entertainment for my graphing buddies.  Apparently, I was actually swimming for the ball. :). Narvaez ended up reaching base and later scored to give the M’s a 1-0 lead.

In the bottom of the 3rd, Narvaez figured in the scoring again, driving in JP Crawford to increase the lead to 2-0.  However, the Angels put up two in the top of the 4th to tie the game.  The score remained tied 2-2.

Uh oh, with two out in the top of the 9th, while I was getting a soda from one of the few vendors still open, the M’s whiffed on an infield pop up that kept the inning alive for the Angels.  Cole Calhoun later scored to make it 3-2. Mike Trout sent a lot of people home with a three run smash to left center, putting the Angels up 6-2.  I heard that was the final score, I couldn’t bear watching the bottom of the 9th in person lol.


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