Astros at Mariners – 06/03/19

Autos, etc.


I had the pleasure of being on field for Mariners BP through the M’s STH Memories Program.   A couple of the other autograph crazies and I were the first fans out there.  I don’t remember the exact order but it went down something like this:

Ichiro came by and signed my buddy’s jersey and then my jersey, both in silver paint pen and everything!  So awesome!!! I think I literally jumped up and down.  Thank you Ichiro!

We called Edwin Encarnacion over and he was kind enough to oblige us.  I think he liked the digitally enhanced selfie I asked him to sign, complete with parrot.  He also signed a Gypsy Queen Tarot insert for me.  Glad I was able to meet him before the trade deadline lol.  Thank you Edwin!

There was a large group of kids (most from the Same Team but also others with parents) lined up along the rope.  Several players came by, including Tim Beckham, Mallex Smith, Dee Gordon, Mitch Haniger, Kyle Seager, Tom Murphy, and Felix Hernandez.  I think Beckham thought I was trying to cut ahead of the kids and said he didn’t respect that, but I said no kids first, I can respect that, I’ve got daughters of my own they’re just too early to come here, etc.  Just remember to include adults too guys.  🙂  I went to the end of the line of kids and he did continue to sign.  He personalized the items for us adult autograph crazies.  My first personalized card that I can think of!  Very nice and hope we’re cool man.  Thanks Tim, Mallex, Dee, Mitch, Kyle, Tom, and Felix!

Then at the end of M’s BP, Ichiro came by again!  I always heard of people quadruple dipping and all this stuff with him, so I decided to try it tonight.  Holy smokes, he signed a “digitally enhanced” selfie and a jumbo card.  Wow wow wee, so awesome!  Thanks again man.

As we were getting escorted off the field, we saw that Ichiro was again at the corner of the dugout, signing items one by one for folks who lined up along the stairwell.  So of course we skedaddled over there.  I got one more card signed, actually one that I tried for last week.  It’s got a picture of Ichiro cracking up about something.  Very cool and thanks again Ichiro!


Totally amazing!!!!  Thanks guys.


Surprisingly, injured stars Jose Altuve and George Springer were both at the park.  I didn’t see either of them sign.  Carlos Correa was out recovering for a cracked rib suffered during a “in home massage” session.  I’m gonna leave that one alone, bro. 🙂  Alex Bergman signed for a few folks on the field.  Jake Marisnick signed a few at the camera well corner right before the game.  Houston, we have a problem lol.  The ‘Stros have gone from one of the most fan friendly teams and generous signers to almost the opposite.  I still like them though.  The Mariners, Mets, and Astros are my favorite teams.   Anyway Mariners BP tonight was one of the best ever in terms of graphing, so i’m cool!

The Game

Well the ‘Stros jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the 1st against Mariners “opener” Cody Gearrin.  However, “headliner” Wade LeBlanc settles things down and the M’s came back with two runs in the 3rd.  The Astros scored again in the 6th to make it 4-2.  I don’t think there were more than 10,000 fans at the start of the game, so plenty of legroom.  There were also enough seagulls circling around that I headed for cover. 🙂  It got cold but it wasn’t out of control.  With the M’s threatening in the bottom of the 8th, Jake Marisnick made a very nice game saving catch in center.  The Astros beat the M’s 4-2.



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