Rangers at Mariners – 05/27/19

Autos, etc.



It was kind of nice, instead of a mad rush, people lined up in the stairwell by the corner of the dugout.  When Ichiro came over, the person in front passed his or her item to the usher who go it to and from Ichiro.  I got my green uni signed!!!

Yeah, I would have liked the auto to be darker (I provided a black paint pen but he used a blue Sharpie instead), and horizontal instead of vertical, but the auto is nice and sharp, and almost completely on the number.  The more I look at it the more I like it.  Ichiro auto on a jersey — totally awesome!!!


Shin Soo Choo, Ronald Guzman, Shelby Miller, Nomar Mazara — thanks for signing guys!


The Game – Mariners 6, Rangers 2

It was a very pleasant Memorial Day evening weather wise, clear with temps in the 70’s and 60’s with little to no wind.  The crowd was probably about 15,000 people.  Mariners fans went home happy after a 6-2 win.  There were two major highlights.  One was Mallex Smith stealing second, third, and home!  Seeing a dude steal home in person is really something else!  Dan Vogelbach sent a towering “Vogelblast” over the right field foul pole into the upper deck for a relatively suspenseful solo homer.  Nice win for the M’s!  Plus with the 6:10 start, I got home at a reasonable hour.  🙂


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