Richard Sherman Appearance – 05/11/19

Last Wednesday night, my buddy texted me about a “Sherman Dominga” appearance on Saturday.  Sorry, who???  Apparently he meant “Richard Sherman”. Ok that sounded more like it.  I didn’t think I could make the event but asked for more info anyway.  Where?  Wing Stop?  Where?  After a while he found out it’d be the one in West Seattle.  (Sherman owns it.). That night (or the next day) I got some confirmation on Twitter from Richard Sherman himself.

What time???  That was the big question.  I kept checking Twitter for what felt like days.  By around 5 pm Friday, I had an answer: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm.      Definitely feasible.  Only one hour?  How early would I need to get there?  I recalled memories of previous Mariners and Seahawks events where it took 3 or 4 hours just to get in.  Yikes!  Still I figured, I had to give it a shot!

I asked my buddy when I should show up and he said 7 am.  Glad I followed his advice!  Woke up around 5:45 and got there around 6:45 I believe, for the event starting at 11:00.  It was super early — and awesome!  I expected to see a line half a block long, ground in tents, etc., but I had something like the 8th spot in line!  As long as the other crazies and I were in the right place, we’d meet Sherm no problem.  It was a very small group of people at that point.  Perhaps it was the last minute notice, or that there was a Bobby Wagner fun run and a poker event the same day.  Anyway, by around 10:00 or 10:30 the buzz started to build and the excitement was palpable. 🙂  Around 11:00, Sherman rolled up in a nondescript black sedan driven by his wife, and waltzed in to a cheer from the crazies in line.

4351E25C-1322-4841-B44E-F214006E893CRichard was very nice and very generous.  As fans came up from the line, he chatted congenially, posed for selfies, and signed everything (including inscriptions if requested).  Most significantly, unlike most guys who sit behind a table surrounded by their guards, Richard got out from behind the table and was with the people!  His smile appeared genuine.

For me, Sherm signed my jersey plus four cards, and stood for a picture.  Luckily, the guy in front of me had a silver Deco fine tip paint pen, perfect for the dark “college navy” letters on the uniform.  The jersey turned out awesomely!  (So lucky!  I found out a few days later that the Silver Sharpie I brought had actually ran out lol.  PTL!)



We chatted a little bit.  I told him it was a pleasure to meet him, thanked him for speaking out on social issues (he acknowledged, “I try”), and also asked him to not just stick to football!  For the cards he used a regular Blue Sharpie and they also turned out nicely. I actually forgot the Clear Vision card on the table.  Luckily (again), I checked before I left and was able to get it back off the table.  Word!  Wings and fries were good too. 🙂

Here I am with my new homeboy Richard Sherman lol.  🙂

Awesome stuff! Thanks Richard!  So glad I went. 🙂

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