04/01/19 – Angels at Mariners



Even though Mike Trout is the best player ever, Andrelton Simmons is actually my favorite player on the Angels.  (Don’t tell Mike!)  I rigged up this contraption to hold up a head shot and a Simmons “shirsey” several feet in the air.  Got his attention for sure, and he was gracious enough to sign after finishing his BP.  I gave him a white Sharpie paint pen for the auto.  Not sure if that was the best choice but it is still turned out nicely and is still awesome.  Thank you Simba!!!!!

Stood by the railing for Trout before the game, but he went a section or two to the right and I didn’t jump over, so that didn’t happen.  Was pretty much focused on Simmons though, so I was psyched!


The Game

Mariners 6, Angels 3

The M’s won, with the offense continuing to crank it out.  Felix started off well and then survived into the 6th inning, which was wonderful to see, and the M’s hung on to win.  He was credited with the win.  A very pleasantly surprising start for the M’s this year. 🙂

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