03/30/19 – Red Sox at Mariners

Autos, etc.


Although it seemed a little slow during M’s BP, several players did come over and sign, plenty of players the more I think about it.  The Mitch Haniger auto is really nice for a relatively dark card, the Mallex Smith one is great (would like to find some M’s cards for him), and the Edwin Encarnacion got smudged (sometimes happens by the dugout, balls are better over there) but is still nice, especially in a M’s uniform.  Thanks for signing guys!

Red Sox

What a bunch of pricks lol.  They signed a couple of balls here and there by the dugout but that was about it.  A lot of their players don’t even acknowledge the fans.  The coolest was JD Martinez.  At least he came by before the game after his stretching and patiently signed for a bunch of people.  I was a little too far over and he didn’t sign my ball.  Regardless, thanks for signing JD.

The one person who did sign, and graciously I might add, was legendary announcer Joe Castiglione. Thank you Sir!  People often call me Sir but he’s a Sir for sure. Apparently he’ll be calling the games with a cast of thousands this year, including former Mets broadcaster Josh Lewis and ESPN’s Sean McDonough and Chris Berman.


The Game – Mariners 8, Red Sox 6

What a blast!  Through the M’s STH Memories program, I got to work the old school hand-operated scoreboard in left field!!!  I’ve been trying to sign up for this one for three years, so I was really looking forward to it.  By the time I attempted to use my points it was always “sold out”.

More on all this later. 🙂


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