A’s at M’s – 09/25/28

Autos Very slow night for autos, but thanks to Erasmo Ramirez, Emilio Pagan, and Francisco Rodney for signing!

The Game Definitely colder than I thought it would be.   Need to remember to subtract at least 10 degrees from any recorded temperature at Safeco.  So like right now it’s probably 60, but it feels like 45 or 50.  I have enough layers for now. :).  Also definitely deflating to play the A’s, who beat out the M’s for that second wild card spot. I left during the 7th inning stretch, A’s up 8-5.  By the time I got home, lo and behold, it was tied 8-8 in the 10th! Chris Herrmann ended it in the bottom of the 11th with a two run homer to right center and the M’s won 10-8!

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