Yankees at Mariners – 09/07/18 & 09/08/18

Autos, etc.

Before the Friday game, I was on the field for batting practice.  So awesome!  What fun :).  Thanks to all the players who signed!!!


Nellie Cruz (frequent signer) and Jean Segura(!) (infrequent signer) both signed 2018 All-Star T-Shirts.  Thanks guys!

Robbie Cano!  Usually a “light” signer, he really did a beautiful job on this one.  He kind of stared at the card after autographing it.  Don’t know if he was waiting for the ink to dry, checking out the photo, or just admiring his artwork lol.  At any rate, thank you Robbie!)


Mike Zunino, Kyle Seager, Dee Gordon, Denard Span, and Ben Gamel.  (Thanks guys.)


BD942BCD-B257-4799-9AE7-63EF8CBA1A3FGary Sanchez!  Seemed like a nice guy, signed for a lot of people and took plenty of selfies.  Meant to give him a blue Sharpie but the black is still cool.  Thanks man!

A3AF24D6-A085-41AF-9999-4C3D54CF0007Didi Gregorious!  Awesome player.  He looks huge in person.  Don’t know what the Yankees are going to do with all their infielders if they get Machado for 2019.  Anyhow, thanks Didi, great auto!

Reggie Jackson! Reg-gie!  Reg-gie! I took a risk and gave him a silver glossy parallel of his 2018 A&G card.  Tried a blue Sharpie on it and it didn’t work out that well.  Kind of like a blue Sharpie on a Chrome card, the ink doesn’t quite stay and the auto becomes spotty at best.  I’m glad it stayed and didn’t smear, and that it’s legible. The ink stayed better on the card he signed for me last year but the background was a lot darker than this one, so I guess each has its pros and cons.  A little “Photoshopping” would do wonders for either of these images, will post the results if I mess around with them.

By the way, if you ask Reggie for a selfie after he signs a card for you, and he doesn’t respond, you may just want to let him be.  Just take a picture over your shoulder, like the one to the right lol.  Otherwise, if you ask again in the hallway on the way back into the concourse, he may give you an annoyed and slightly angry look and say, “You know you ain’t supposed to ask that, man!”  Sorry Reggie, I actually didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to ask.  I’m assuming he was bothered because he had already signed and took a bunch of photos with fans on the field and thought that part of his evening was over.  I was surprised, I’ve seen him twice at the stadium and previously I’d only seen him be very generous and patient with all the fans.  Sorry to bother you Reggie and thanks for signing in the first place, I appreciate it!

Reggie Jackson was one of my favorite players when I was growing up.  He was larger than life!  So I took it a little personally, positive when he signed and negative when he rebuked my selfie requests.  Later that evening, I ran into another fan from my generation whose jaw dropped when I said Reggie signed.  She called him the grumpiest man alive.  The next night, I sat next to this guy from Idaho, whose neighbor’s daughter was Reggie’s girlfriend at some point.  Apparently he had met Reggie a bunch of times and said he was cool.  Further, if you look online, you can read about various responses by Reggie to auto requests, some pleasant and some not lol.  Of course he is much older, smaller, and more frail than how I remember him from my childhood.  Who knows if he is struggling, enjoying life, or what.  At any rate, I often base my opinion of the players and their characters on these very short interactions at the stadium with me and other fans (“he’s cool”, “what a jerk”, “so patient”, “it’s gone to his head”, “nice guy”, etc.), but of course they are complex individuals and who know what they are “really” like!

For the Saturday game, there was early gate entry for the Season Ticket Holders.  I took a chance and wore the T-shirt that Nellie autographed yesterday.  Thank goodness the auto is still there lol. 🙂

BDDC7B5B-888E-4751-B392-74ED070F2D74Other than doing my due diligence to monitor Ichiro, I mostly focused on the Yankees.  Got a couple of autos, one from Adeiny Hechavarria on an “assorted MLB’ers ball 18-01”.


778130EF-3167-4739-8074-F9CDCA83BF00Later, I saw a mob going over towards this guy and gave it a shot.  Scampered over a few sections, got to the front, and got lucky. 🙂


Giancarlo Stanton!!!!  Wow!!!!!  Fist bump city, man.  Totally awesome! 🙂



M’s lost both of them.  Nice seats though. 🙂







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