Blue Jays at Mariners — 08/04/18


Edwin Diaz and Mike Leake signed on card. With Diaz, I was a little far back, so a kid helped me and got in there.  Thanks Andy!  With Leake, I was able to get up there.  I told him he was doing a nice job this year and that I appreciated having him on the team.  He appreciated my comment.  It’s cool when you can actually talk with these guys!

Andrew Romine (#7) signed my 2018 Mariners team ball.  Thanks man!

Jordan the Ball Boy gave me a BP ball on his way into the dugout. Thanks bro!

Blue Jays broadcaster Buck Martinez signed the Sweet spot in black Sharpie on a “random MLBers” ball (includes players, coaches, media members, etc.).  I realized I still have a lot of space on this ball.  Think I will use this ball more for the rest of the 2018 games. It greatly simplifies things to have one ball for the visitors (except the superstars lol), and it’s a little easier to toss a ball and pen to someone signing in the dugout than a card and pen.  Gotta admit I usually like the signed card better though. 🙂

At the dugout just after BP, I lent Randal Grichuk a blue Sharpie. He later signed a mini card for me. My first one! Thankfully, the usher helped out in getting the card to and fro. I think I’m going to make some kind of framed card out of it, like the Allen & Ginter framed minis.  Or just stick it on top of a standard sized card lol. Pretty cool!

Thanks for signing, guys!

The Game

I think the Jays-M’s games should be played in Vancouver, instead of having all these Canadians taking over our wonderful city of Seattle for four games each summer. Anyhow, even though these are Mariner home games, the Jays fans outnumber the Mariner fans and are much louder year after year. I usually skip the Jays series, but I got a relatively cheap ticket and couldn’t resist. 🙂

James Paxton was not that sharp but he got help from several double plays. The Jays led 3-0 after six but it could have been much worse.

Meanwhile, Marco Estrada was great for the Jays. He had a no-no through six innings. I knew the M’s weren’t getting to him but I didn’t realize he had a no-no until the loud Canadian drunk behind me mentioned it. After that, I kept mentioning it. :). Fortunately, the Canadian drunks I’ve met and bantered with at Safeco have been friendly and pretty funny.

Even though things were generally going south for the M’s this evening, at least Toronto didn’t get a no-hitter on American soil. :). Mitch Haniger broke up the no-no with a double in the bottom of the 7th. Sorry, eh?

The Canadian version of The Wave got rolling in the top of the 8th and the Jays went up 4-0.

The 9th inning saw the play of the game — a streaker! He started from a section down the right field line, ran to center field, and circled until he was caught by security and taken away. The crowd went wild lol. This is my second experience with a streaker At Safeco. It’s hilarious because at first everything just stops, then people start pointing and the noise builds as more and more people realize what’s going on. Some people find it disrespectful to the game but I think it’s hilarious.

Mariner fans needed a little comic relief. The final score was Jays 5 – M’s 1. Another tough loss. The M’s have a bad streak of their own going. Hope it goes better tomorrow!

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