White Sox at Mariners – 07/21/18


Well there was good news and bad news tonight. 🙂

The bad news: I was too late for Ichiro again.  Got delayed by about an hour and it was a Bobblehead night, so I thought I had no chance going in.  However, when I got there, the line wasn’t that bad so I thought wow maybe I actually have a shot!  Alas, I really was too far back in line.  By the time I got down towards the railing, he had already signed stuff and had move on to throwing practice.  I simply need to get to the front and run down to the spot, he’s been signing!  Pretty sad about it, bordering on very sad.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have him nicely sign a baseball for me in person?  That would be so cool.  While I’m sad, disappointed, jealous, frustrated, etc., I’m also optimistic, hopeful, and excited.  I mean if the other autograph crazies can get his auto (multiple times, on all kinds of stuff) then I can too!!!  I’ve heard show up an hour early, four hours early, etc.  We’ll see what I can manage.  Also hope to get on the field for another BP, maybe he will sign then!  (I’ve seen him do it.). Keep hope alive, my friends!  Pray for me lol.  Think I’ll also remind myself to consider a health perspective on all this within the context of a wonderful life (thank you Universe!).

Other bad news, not much from the White Sox.  Was late on Delmonico, missed on Moncada (maybe I should have tried the assorted MLBer ball instead of a card), didn’t run over for Luery Garcia after the anthem, and other guys did not stop by except for somebody who came over and signed for one kid.

One other thing, Felix had a bumpy road and M’s were losing 4-0 when I left in the bottom of the 7th.

The good news:  Dee Gordon Bobblehead!  As usual, the Bobblehead looks very little like the actual player.  Still, this one is pretty cool.  Plus the green flash would be a great spot for a silver or white auto.



M’s on card autos from Diaz, Haniger, Heredia, and Healy, plus a BP ball from Coach Cabrera.  The Diaz and Haniger Stadium Club cards look especially good in person. Thanks guys!



Also a White Sox auto from Lucas Giolito, thanks dude, even if he did give me the scariest look before he signed and even if I almost cried and ran away lol.  Was it the Mariners Jersey and hat?  At least he seemed so nice to everyone else.  I think I have a Topps certified auto of his somewhere, maybe I’ll trade it since he was kind enough to sign this in person.  He was the last guy out after BP and he patiently signed for everyone as he proceeded down the line, I appreciate that from him.

Had nice seats too.


So I was sad about missing Ichiro again but overall I’m glad it was a pleasant night at the ballpark and pretty cool in terms of souvenirs!



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