TTM #1 – John Olerud!

I’ve heard a lot of people getting autos all kinds of players TTM (through the mail) on, so I decided to finally give it a try.  My first attempt was to former Mariner great and Washington native John Olerud.  (He was also great with the Blue Jays and Mets.). He was a fantastic hitter and also a Gold Glove first baseman.  I think his dad was a doctor or a dentist, and he seemed to carry out his work with surgical precision.   Anyhow, in early April I sent a SASE with a letter of appreciation and a request to sign a couple of cards.  After not getting anything back in April, May, or June, I pretty much gave up.  What a pleasant surprise when I got these signed cards back in mid-July, 102 days later!

Holy cow!  I mean, how often do I get mail from John Olerud???  With autos, no less.  Totally awesome.  Thanks man for your generosity, and Go M’s!

Of course then the next question is who’s next?  maybe Dan Fouts?  We’ll see. Stay tuned. 🙂




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