Rockies at Mariners – 07/06/18


It was almost a complete bust in terms of autos.  Got none from the Rockies (missed on a few but most of them were not signing).  Most of the M’s were in the dugout by the time the gates opened.  Ichiro was signing on the field, but I was over the dugout.  Getting closer, may need to start praying. 🙂

Anyhow, got one auto and I really like it, from “Big Maple” himself, James Paxton!


The Game

Colorado got to Felix early and often.  They were hitting it like they were still at Coors Field.  M’s didn’t get much going offensively.  Ran into the owner of the LCS, that was pretty cool!  Rockies were up 6-1 in the 7th and I left early.  I think the M’s ended up losing 7-1.


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