Angels at Mariners – 06/11/18

Great day at the ballpark!



I got to attend batting practice on the field!  Most of the time during Mariners BP, I had on my blue shirt and stood next to one of the autograph regulars and his cute kids, figuring the kids would be magnets for the various ball players.  Surprisingly, the kids were not very effective magnets (maybe cause they were standing next to a couple of regulars lol).  Also was close to Ichiro again, and again he didn’t sign for us.  If I get a similar opportunity with Ichiro in the future, I think I will be much more assertive, call out loudly, wave my baseball and pen, ask directly and nicely without being too annoying, etc.  I think it would work. 🙂

Anyhow, I did get a couple of nice signatures from Mike Zunino (he was about to sign upside down, but corrected himself just in time) and Ben Gamel.  Thanks guys!  Also got a BP ball. 🙂

During Angels BP, I put on my red shirt and was mainly looking for Albert Pujols.  He was out there but he wasn’t signing and I didn’t succeed this time.  Kind of the same thing as Ichiro, I think if I have another opportunity I’ll be louder and more assertive.  Also kept looking for Andrelton Simmons (my favorite Angel, even if Mike Trout is clearly the best) and didn’t see him.  Then I found out he was injured.  However, I tracked Ian Kinsler and he carefully signed a card.  Nice signature, legible, I had no idea lol.  When I got escorted off the field (would liked to have stayed out longer), I ran into Mark Gubicza in the tunnel.  He is very patient and gracious with fans, and signed a card very nicely.  We chatted a little (he was an East Coast guy growing up) and it turns out his wife is from a town close to where I grew up.  It was fun to here him recite her hometown, where they got married, and several other spots I’m familiar with.  Thanks Ian and Mark!

Based on my previous experiences with being on the field for BP, and considering how much I wanted to get autos from Ichiro and Pujols, and to see Simba again, I was disappointed with this session.  Also grateful for the many positive aspects that I already mentioned, don’t get me wrong. 🙂  Given family obligations, Simmons’ injury, the relatively large groups of people lining up for autos, and my limited success today, I decided to return my ticket to the next game.  Shortly thereafter, things got much better.

After the national anthem and before the game, I positioned myself along the wall down the 3rd base line in Section 143.  I was still wearing my red polo and was standing next to some kids with signs.  I waited patiently and with great excitement, as Mike Trout was nearby.  Then something awesome happened — he came over and signed this oversized card for me!

Totally awesome!  He proceeded to work quickly his way down the line and sign many autos for people of all ages.  Trout used to do this before every game, but recently he was going to one spot, signing a few, hopping to the next spot, signing just a few, etc.  I’m glad he went “back to normal” today.  Thanks Mike!


The Game – Mariners 5, Angels 3

It was a beautiful night for a home run derby!  Trout solo HR, Pujols solo HR, Cruz two run homer, Cruz solo HR, Healy clobbers a two run homer, Trout destroys the ball for a solo HR.  M’s win 5-3!


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