Astros @ Mariners – 04/17/18


Interesting day for autos! It was an early gate opening for M’s season ticket holders, which allows you to get into the stands 3 hours before the game (instead of 2) during Mariners BP (instead of afterwards). I got there about 20 minutes late, you know, after Ichiro signed a bunch of autos lol. I did get a baseball from BP pitcher Nasusel Cabrera (thank you!), skipper Scott Servais’ auto on a team ball, and autos on cards from Ryan Healy and Mitch Haniger near the first base camera well. Missed on Robbie Cano a little further down the line. Ichiro signed again later by the home plate corner of the dugout. The new protective screening really limits dugout access for fans. Although regular folks are not supposed to access the dugout corner via the Diamond Club, there was a woman there who was handing all kinds of stuff to Ichiro (I was too late) and Kyle Seager (he signed a card). Nice! So pretty good for the M’s.

Then I headed over to the Astros side. During BP, the heavy hitters did not come over. Got autos from Coach Brent Strom and pitcher Hector Rondon on an MLB’ers ball, and from Tony Sipp on card, all a few seats over from the camera well. Missed on Jake Marisnick over there and Gerrit Cole way down the line.

Things got much better after the National Anthem :). I waited one section over from the camera well next to some eager kids with jerseys. Recently, it seemed that Correa and Altuve were signing more shirts, caps, and flags for adults (more than cards and baseballs), so I had out a gold Sharpie and one of my old Astros rainbow jerseys from junior high or high school, on a  plastic envelope with sufficient support.  The jersey did not have a player but it had a nice navy blue star on the front with plenty of space for an auto.  Also was wearing another of my old Astros shirts.  I held up my jersey periodically and I think Correa saw it.  Had a good feeling about this one 🙂

The frst guy to come over was, in fact, Carlos Correa. He signed this kid’s stuff first, then signed mine with his silver marker. Totally awesome!!! Thank you Carlos and The Universe.

A few more of the Astros stopped by.  Surprisingly, I think George Springer came next.I was a little too far over and missed. Next was Evan Gattis, another regular helped me with that one, thanks man. Then I was waiting in the same area for Altuve, next to a pretty lady with a cute baby.  This was a good spot, but when he came over he went further down the line first. I tried to get over there but was a little late. Then, of course, he proceeded to the very spot where I was before and signed for the baby and several other people. Of course, lol :). Who knows what would have happened. I’ve been right in front of him so many times and he skipped me — except for that one time when he nicely sweet spotted a baseball.  Also, the star that Correa signed is perfect as it is (according to my wife 🙂 and may have  looked cluttered if Altuve also signed it, or he may have used the “wrong” color (think he used a black Sharpie for the baby’s baseball), and on and on.  So yeah, I probably should have stayed in that spot, but I wouldn’t be saying that if Altuve had signed in the spot down the line lol.  (Note:  I attended the matinee two days later with my beautiful 23 month old daughter.  We went on a whim and got there just as the anthem was finishing, pretty late for autos.  We booked it over to the spot which I left last night.  Altuve was the only guy that came by.  He hit the spot to our left, and the spot to our right.  Skipped us.  Skipping me is one thing, but skipping my baby daughter???  More surprised than anything.  Lol at least we gave it a shot.)

No worries, I’m psyched about the awesome Correa auto!!!! Wow!!!!  It’s amazing how much joy the players can bring when they sign items for fans, and what a joy it is to pursue and collect this kind of stuff.  If I counted right, 3 for 5 plus a nice OLMB with the Mariners, and 5 for 8 with the Astros.  A drastic improvement from the night before!  Thanks again players, staff, and The Universe. 🙂


The Game – Astros 4, Mariners 1

The M’s went up 1-0 in the bottom of the 1st on a homer by Robbie Cano off Houston starter Lance McCullers Jr. (who was razor-sharp for the rest of the game). Although the Astros tied it in the 2nd, Seattle starter Ariel Miranda pitched 5 solid innings. The Stros took a 3-1 lead in the 6th on a two-run homer by Brian McCann off reliever Dan Altavilla. Not as crazy cold as last night, but definitely feeling it by the bottom of the 7th. Even with only about 15,000 people here tonight, I left early to beat the traffic at the bathroom and the garage.  The final score was Astros 4, Mariners 1.  (Note: Also attended the matinee two days later.  The M’s lost 9-2 but they did turn this cool triple play. 🙂 .)

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