Astros @ Mariners – 04/16/18

Well in my second game of the season it was another rough day in terms of autos, and it was butt cold, but hey at least the Mariners won!


I was looking for autographs from Astros, especially Correa, Bregman, and Altuve.  In the past, Houston has been one of the most fan friendly teams visiting Safeco.  Today felt very different though, with less players walking by and even fewer signing.  Perhaps it’s because they’re the reigning World Series Champs?  Or does the new protective netting above the dugouts confuse everyone in terms of autographing?  I dunno.  As it turned out, four players came by the area where I was camped out (down near the third base camera well) — Correa, Altuve, McHugh, and Marisnick.  If you count them all equally, I was 1-4. 🙂

scannable document on apr 16, 2018 at 8_16_56 pm

Thanks Collin!  I appreciate it.

One could say I was 1-6 since I was close enough to Correa and Altuve twice each, with once for the other two.  In each case, I was in the right place at the right time.  The superstars focused mainly on the women and children.  They were particularly gracious with a woman next to me who is healing from cancer.  I do feel snubbed, but I am certainly happy for her (she was shaking and tearing up with joy and gratitude) and I wish her all the best!




Anyhow, I guess it’s good to know that I was in the right place at the right time.  I was trying to get cards signed, and will try cards again tomorrow with most of the players.  However, with Correa and Altuve I will see if one or both of them will sign the blue star on my old Astros jersey from high school, that would be totally cool!  We’ll see.

Today I didn’t go over to the M’s side (they were pretty much done with BP by the time the general gates opened).  I did notice that several players were signing before and after the anthem.

Tomorrow is an early gate opening, so I will at least be on the M’s side during their batting practice.  Would love to have Ichiro sign one of my baseballs!  Also I have a whole bunch of Heritage cards that would be great autographed.  Then I’ll go over to the visitors side and try again with the Astros.  The big question is where to go  around national anthem time — I guess that depends what happens during BP!  My seats are up from the Houston dugout tomorrow so that’s probably where I’ll be, unless Ichiro is out there or something for the M’s. 🙂  Wish me luck!


The Game – Mariners 2, Astros 1


As he often does, George Springer hit a Springer Dinger in the first at bat to give the Astros an early lead. Nellie Cruz hit a homer in the 4th to tie it, and Dee Gordon drove in David Freitas in the 6th for the eventual winning run.  Mostly,  it was a pitchers duel between James Paxton and Dallas Keuchel.  Both pitched very well, with Big Maple going 6 innings and Keuchel pitching a complete game loss.  Mitch Haniger made a couple of nice catches which was great to see.  The bullpen did a nice job, even with a little extra drama for Edwin Diaz before he closed out the game for the M’s win.

The roof was closed and supposedly it was 47 degrees when the game started, but it was freezing!  It felt like 20 degrees to me.  I had a long sleeve shirt, jersey, fleece, beanie, and jacket but was still freezing.  Will likely use an extra layer tomorrow, maybe two, thicker layers, a blanket, who knows it was crazy.  With the great pitching, the game sped along and only took 2:21 in front of a small early season Monday night crowd of 12,923.  Looking forward to tomorrow’s game!


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