2017-18 OPC Platinum — Very Nice!

When I think of OPC Platinum Hockey, I also think of Topps Chrome Baseball and Panini Prizm Football.  All have the shiny chromium card stock and emphasize the rookies in the autos.   Two of the three are subsets of the regular flagship set.  Of the three for 2017-18,  I like OPC Platinum the best.  The shiny metallic finish naturally goes with the ice, metal skate blades, and speed of hockey better than with other sports.  In addition to the rookies and stars, I am pleased that some of the legends are also included in the base set.  While the inserts are not particularly captivating, and retro versions are just ok for me, the color parallels look fantastic!  They include colors and designs such as rainbow refractors, violet pixels, red prism #/199, seismic gold #/50, orange checkers #/25, and I’m sure several others.  I think the parallels are visually interesting without getting too distracting, and appreciate that the parallel colors are also used on the backs of the cards (making them easier to spot while flipping through an album, if nothing else).

I like the hobby box I got ($89.95 plus tax at the LCS, DJ’s Sportscards, 20 packs, 4 cards per pack), and I didn’t even get a lot of my favorite players or teams, yet. 🙂  Pictures of the cards I pulled are below (please pardon the distortions in the photos).  The best hits are probably the Clayton Keller rookie red prism #/199, and the Mikko Rantanen seismic gold #/50, and the Alex Tuch rookie orange checkers #/25.  The Kessel refractor, Gretzky base, Fluery base, violet Stamkos, and Messier Platinum Records are also among my favorites.  The auto is from Vladislav Kamanev, nice rainbow parallel, in a Preds uniform, before he got traded to the Avs, and got his arm broken in his first game with Colorado.  That being said, Kamanev was a strong performer with Milwaukee of the AHL and, if he can recover physically, projects to be a significant future contributor for the Avalanche.

Anyhow, I’m getting another box ($79.95 plus shipping from Dave & Adam’s), and will probably supplement via retail packs, eBay and trades for my favorites, without going for the whole set this time.  Overall, I really like the look and feel of 2017-18 OPC Platinum Hockey, and give it 4 out of 5 stars!

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