2017 Panini Chronicles Baseball — Wow!

I heard some good things about 2017 Panini Chronicles Baseball, so I thought I’d give it a shot.  Thought about getting a box but decided to go one pack at a time instead at my LCS, DJ’s Sportscards.  First four packs had some cool stuff but nothing too spectacular.  I did like the variety of designs that Panini uses in various releases, like Donruss, Spectra, Optic, etc. The base cards were also kind of cool, with a newspaper article type blurb on each one.  Then on the fifth pack, I saw a thick card — maybe it was one of those awesome relic cards I saw online.  It wasn’t a relic, but it was awesome —- an Aaron Freakin’ Judge auto!  2017 Panini Spectra SS-AJ Aaron Judge New York Yankees #15/35!

Wow wow wee!!!

Of course I did not quit while I was ahead, and got a couple more packs.  Nothing spectacular— unless getting a second Renato Nunez auto is spectacular lol.  Anyway I think this is a pretty cool product and am going to get another two or three boxes!

Lost count of how many boxes and packs I got of this stuff.  Got many more sweet cards in addition to the nice base cards.   Below are some of the cards.  Overall I’d give 2017 Panini Chronicles Baseball 5 out of 5 stars!

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