2017 Panini Black Friday

Yes, I’m a sucker for coupons, discounts, freebies, and all that.  Usually works out in everyone’s favor. 🙂  I did some shopping this Black Friday 2017 at my local card shop, DJ’s Sportscards.  Bought some product from Panini and received three Panini Black Friday 2017 Football packs (2 cards per pack).  I remember how awesome these packs were last year, and was hoping that lightning would strike twice. 🙂


The first card I pulled was a Mike Williams auto RC!  Very cool.

After that I’m not sure of the order.  Here are the other ones.  Eli Manning base card (got him last year too).Allen Branch relic from Super Bowl LI #25 /25.  At first, I was wondering if this was some kind of Pro Bowl thing with the neon orange, but it’s game used from Super Bowl LI in Houston.  (Thank goodness it’s not from SB XLIX in Glendale!!!!!)  The material is a spongy and has some vesicles.  I wonder if it’s from one of the pylons or yard markers, something like that.  Very very cool!!!

OBJ.  Got him last year too.  In this picture, he’s practicing some field goal kicking tricks before a game with the Eagles.  Would be nice if this guy could stay healthy and composed, he’s such a good player.

Jordy Nelson parallel on thicker stock, #22 /50.


Jordan Howard base card.

All in all some great stuff!  Thankful.  Makes me want to go buy some more Panini stuff… which of course is the idea… careful… 🙂




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