2017 Topps Chrome Update Series — Cool!

I got  a bunch of boxes of 2017 Topps Chrome Baseball Update Series recently at Target.  These are also know as the Holiday Target Mega Boxes.  Since there is an auto in roughly every eight boxes, and since I would probably go for the 100 card base set, I went ahead and bought all seven that I saw.  Yeah, I know. 🙂  It cost roughly $146 ($19.99 per box -5% red card discount + 10% tax)*7 boxes.  Each box contains 7 packs with 4 cards each, and most (if not all) of the packs have a parallel or insert.

The first box was awesome!  Like regular Topps Chrome, the cards just look and feel nice with the glossy finish and slightly thicker stock.  The Luis Severino card below is an example.  Most, if not all, of the images are the same ones from the regular Update Series.  There were both Judge and Bellinger RD RC’s (Rookie Debuts)!  Also a Jorge Bonifacio Refractor #/250.

Many of the Topps All-Rookie Cup reprints look better than the originals.  This box had Kris Bryant, Joe Morgan, and a spectacular Ken Griffey Jr. card.  The pictures don’t do them justice.

Oh, and there was one more thing, a jaw dropper — an Aaron Freaking Judge auto redemption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow!

The second box was also cool.  More nice base cards, like Bryce Harper and my main man Robbie Cano (chewing his gum) at the ASG. 🙂

Also some very sharp-looking Topps All-Rookie Cup inserts — Seaver, Bench, and Trout(!).

Some significant rookies — Benintendi and Swanson RD RC’s; Happ RC and a Sierra Refractor RC.

The third box was disappointing.  There were lots of repeats from the first box (looked like repeated packs, in fact).  Some nice repeats, such as the Judge and Bellinger RD RC’s and the Griffey, Bryant, and Morgan TARC inserts.

New cards included a sweet Ichiro TARC (presumably inserted instead of a refractor) and Trey Mancini RD RC.

The fourth box again had way too many repeats and repeated packs.  Got more of the Judge and Bellinger RD RC’s lol.  There were two new base cards, Bregman and Fisher RD RC’s from your 2017 World Champion Houston Astros, and a sweet Goldy Refractor #/250.

The TARC inserts were again very nice — Syndergaard, Harper, and Jeter.

The fifth box was much better.  Awesome in fact!  24 new base cards, including new Judge and Bellinger RC’s.  Very encouraging in terms of completing the base set.

Also Posey, Correa, and McGwire TARC’s.  (Plus a double of the Ichiro one.)  Very nice!

I started opening the sixth box, but the first pack was a repeat (ugh) so I decided to skip to the seventh box.

Fortunately, the seventh box was awesome! The first pack was a repeat expect for the Chipper Jones TARC.  The rest was a lot of new base plus Ripken, Murray, ad Fisk TARC’s!  Great progress towards the base (97/100) and insert (16/20) sets.

I went back to finish opening the sixth box.  It had a sweet George Springer (your 2017 World Series MVP) Refractor #/250, plus Votto and McCovey TARC’s.  The rest were doubles.


There’s a lot to like about the 2017 Topps Chrome Update Series.  The cards have that nice Chrome look and feel. Some of the Topps All-Star Rookie reprint cards are spectacular and the refractors are sharp.   It’s a simple set — base 1-100, refractor and auto parallels, and 20 Topps All-Rookie Cup reprint inserts.

After opening 7 boxes (yeah, I know), I got close to complete base (97/100) and TARC (19/20) sets plus 4 refractors, 1 auto redemption, and many many  doubles   There were way too many duplicates (70 base and 5 inserts).  Sets of three cards repeated from box to box in the four card packs.  I think I got the same exact 23 base cards in two different boxes.  At least there appeared to be a Judge or Bellinger RC in every box.

The price is reasonable at $19.99 + tax per box with 28 chrome cards (23-24 base and 4-5 inserts), and the set is loaded with rookies and stars.  This Target-exclusive Holiday Mega Box would make a nice gift for a kid (like one of my nephews) or an adult (like me lol) who enjoys collecting baseball cards.

Did I mention that I got a redemption for a Judge auto?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Totally awesome and perhaps my best retail hit so far.

Overall I’d give 2017 Topps Chrome Update Series a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!


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