2017 Topps Fire Baseball — Hot!

photos 3 on oct 8, 2017, 6_21_18 pmNormally I would describe a set like Topps Fire as “cool”, but it’s “Fire”, so it’s “hot”!  It was released a couple of weeks ago exclusively at Target, and since then I’ve been driving around to the four closest stores in my area, looking feverishly for those boxes.  Finally had time today to drive to a fifth store further out, and yes, I found four of the Collector boxes!  Cost was roughly $70 per box * 4 boxes – $50 sale discount (word!) – 5% discount + 10% tax, so total around $250.  Each box has 20 packs averaging 6 cards per pack, with 2 hits (including one guaranteed (sticker) auto).

First Box

First box — very nice!  Below are three of the base cards, very angular and “dynamic” designs.  The yellow/white/blue diamond/lighting thing in the cards below is just one of the motifs.  There are several other base designs along with a variety of fonts, and I don’t know why a given pattern was applied to a given card.  I appreciate that the player images look different than the ones used in other Topps releases this year.

Yes, got the Judge RC, nice.!  Now looking for the Bellinger RC lol :).  Anyhow, the base set is an interesting mix of 200 rookies, stars, and legends.  The usual suspects plus some legends I forgot about (like knuckleballer Phil Neikro).  I counted 97 base cards in this box.

The inserts (20 in the box) are kind of cool.  There are the graffiti style Monikers cards, Flamethrowers, Fired Up!, Golden Grabs, and Walk Off Wonders.  Parallels include red foil, “lightning” foil, and #’d parallels with purple #/99, gold #/199, and foil #/299.  As usual, with the foils and refractors, the pictures don’t do them justice, but you’ll get the idea.

Hits in the first box — redemption card for a Luis Severino auto (excitement only tempered by the fact that he signed a card for me in person earlier this year, still very nice!), and a Ryon Healy RC GU card (yellow piece) # /110.  The relic card looks particularly good because the nearly square relic goes with the diamond and triangle shapes throughout the Fire designs.  Nice stuff!


Great stuff, so far I’d give it 3.75 out of 5 stars. 🙂  Stay tuned for reports on the others!

Second Box

Yes, I’m one of those folks who likes building base sets.  Major disappointment in terms of base.  Think I got 7 new base (so up to 103/200) and 90 doubles.  Ouch.  The good news is that I got another Aaron Judge RC lol.  Hoping for better set-building luck with the next box!!!

Anyhow, inserts were pretty cool (or hot :), and gave me a better feel for the insert ratios per box.  Got 4 Monikers, 3 Lightning foils, 2 Flame Throwers, 2 Golden Grabs, 1 red foil, 1 red diamond foil thing (don’t know how to describe it), 1 Fired Up, 1 Walk Off Wonder, 2 gold parallels # /299, a green # /199, and a magenta? # /25.  Nice stuff.

Plus I got a couple of Robbie Cano parallels and a base double, could go for a rainbow.

The 2 hits were both auto RC’s, Tyler Austin and Seth Lugo.  Respectable. 🙂

Nice cards, too many doubles, my current rating for 2017 Topps Fire is 3 out of 5 stars.  Looking forward to that third box!

Third Box

Much better results in terms of the base set!  Now have 178/200 (plus 114 multiples).  Also got the Bellinger RC. 🙂

Nice inserts once again, with similar ratios to the other boxes.  I especially like the Nellie Cruz “Boomstick” card, the Trout and Kiermaier Golden Grabs, the DeGrom diamond thing, and the Herrera lighting parallel (it just looks nice).

The 2 hits were both autos.  One was Ender Inciarte and the other was a jaw dropper… Andrew Benintendi RC #048 /050!

Onto the fourth box.  Will I finish the base set?  What will the inserts and hits be?


Fourth Box

There are 20 packs in each collector box.   Most have five base plus one insert.  The packs with relic cards have four base plus one insert.  The packs that I saw always had the same five cards collated together.  In this last box, one pack had new base, the rest were repeats.  So now I have 183/200 base and a gagillion doubles, triples, and quadruples.  Did get a third Judge RC, that’s cool.  Hopefully I’ll be able to trade for the remaining base!

More nice inserts.  My favorites are the Felix Flamethrowers, Pillar and Braun Golden Grabs, and Syndergaard and Mattingly Monikers.

The hits were a Matt Olson auto (amazing how many A’s rookies turn up as Topps hits lol) and a very nice Willson Contreras relic # /75.


I’m a fan of this Target-exclusive Topps Fire set.  I did have to look around for a couple of weeks at like five different stores till I finally found some of the collectors boxes.  The base set is certainly different than the other ones I collected this year.   Although they are a bit cartoonish, I like the funky designs and that the checklist includes a good mix of rookies, stars, and legends.  I would have appreciated much more variance in the collation.  I was disappointed that I did not complete the 200 card base set with the 398 base in the four boxes I got.  At least I have plenty of traders (including a fair number of triples and quadruples) lol.  I like the inserts in terms of concepts, quantity, and wide variety of colors.  Speaking of colors, the various foil parallels are really nice.  Some of the designs may look very dated in 10 years but for now they’re cool.  The hits I got ranged from decent (Ryon Healy RC GU #/110)  to awesome (Andrew Benintendi RC auto #/50), and were much better than the hits (if any) that you usually get in a retail release.  I’d recommend 2017 Topps Fire and give it 3.85 out of 5 stars.

Redemption Update

Here’s a picture of that Severino auto from the redemption.  Very nice!

photo on nov 29, 2017 at 8_08_25 pm

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