Angels at Mariners 09/08/17 & 09/09/17

Autos, Memorabilia, etc.

Struck out on Friday.  Stayed on the Angels side, was close on both Andrelton Simmons and Mike Trout, but didn’t get autos from either one.  (Seemed like they were mostly signing for kids.)  It was frustrating.

I was only supposed to go on Friday night, but during the game decided to also go on Saturday.  That way I could give it another shot with Simmons, Trout, Pujols(???), and the other dudes.  Plus it would be an early gate opening on the Mariners side, a Cano Bobblehead SGA day, and another critical game in the hunt for a wild-card berth. 🙂

During the game, I also day dreamed about making a sign for Andrelton Simmons (aka “Simba”) and to see if it would help bring him over for an autograph.  Inspiration struck Saturday morning as a vision emerged and then materialized into what you see below.   I never tried this kind of thing this before.  It was fun to make the poster and I felt excited and enthusiastic going into Saturday’s game!



The afternoon started well.  Wore one of my Mariners shirts.  got there on time for Latino Heritage Night, got my Cano Bobblehead, and also got one of my M’s 40th Anniversary balls signed by Mitch Haninger.  He kind of typifies the M’s season actually — when he’s hot, he’s hot; when he’s not, he’s not; not a whole lot in between.



Then I went over to the Angels side.  Put on my red shirt.  Kept looking for Simmons, had my sign ready and everything.  As the Angels were starting to take BP, I was surprised not to see him.  Soon enough, however, Simmons appeared and was doing some throwing practice near the dugout.  So I got my sweet “Simba Rules!!!!” sign out and started waving it around, calling out “Simmons!!!” and “Simba!!!”, etc.  Eventually he looked over and started laughing.  Then I asked if he could sign it after he was done throwing.  It was not long before he came over to the corner of the dugout and signed the photo on the poster!  He was very cool about it.  I never tried using a sign this way before, this was awesome!  I was so psyched!  (Still am, actually.)



Right before the game, I lined up along the baseline wall like everyone else, waiting for Mike Trout.  He signed for a few kids but not for moi.  Afterwards, I sat about 20 rows up with a couple of the other autograph regulars. Simmons was one of the later players to come out to stretch.  We were not very far away so again I started waving the “Simba Rules!!!!” sign again and we both were laughing and I think gave thumbs up or something.  One of the guys asked me why I liked Andrelton Simmons so much.  To me, he’s a modern day Ozzie Smith, an exceptional defensive shortstop who can also hit.  Amazing defensively and very smooth.  I wanted to bring the sign out throughout the game, but I didn’t because it was pretty fragile and I wanted to protect the signed photo.  Hope that didn’t throw the Simba off. I don’t think it was a problem.  He played fine and was actually pulled, along with Trout, in the 6th inning or so as the Mariners lead 8-0.  I left right after the 7th inning stretch.


The Games

Friday 09/08/17 – Mariners 4, Angels 3 – M’s held on in a tight ballgame.




Saturday 09/09/17 – Marineros 8, Angels 1 – M’s jumped out to an early lead and never looked back.  Homers by Mitch Haniger and Nellie Cruz, with solid pitching by Andrew Albers.  Mike Scoscia got kicked out.  Robbie Cano became the second player to hit 30 doubles in 13 straight seasons.  The other guy was this dude named Stan Musial, you may have heard of him.







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