Mets vs. Mariners 07/28, 07/29, and 7/30/17

Mets vs. Mariners — Somebody’s Gotta Win!

My two favorite teams, the New York Mets and the Seattle Mariners, played a three game series July 28th, 29th, and 30th, 2017.  I never quite know what to do when two of my favorite teams play each other, and fortunately, in this case, it only happens once every three years or so.  When the Mets took the first game, it became clear from my slight funk that I am more of a Mariners fan these days.  As the Mariners win the next two games, I enjoyed the results a little bit more.  All that being said, you really can’t go wrong when either of these teams win. 🙂

Autos, Memorabilia, etc.

Day 1

Jake deGrom!!!!!  Signed down the third base line near where the pitchers were stretching before BP started.  I asked him if he preferred Jake or Jacob, and he said it doesn’t matter, so I’m gonna keep calling him Jake.

Grandy!  After BP.  He went out of his way to sign for as many people as possible.  For example, he jumped from the dugout over a railing and into the camera well to sign my card and/or hand it back (don’t remember exactly).  Super generous with the autos, and just seemed like a cool dude. 🙂

Jose Reyes on “The Gold Glove”!  I’m sure he was deeply honored lol.

Brandon Nimmo 9 on “Assorted Mets Ball” 17-M (Paul Seward 51 also signed it)

Postgame Karaoke and Fireworks from the Field 🙂


Day 2

USS Mariner Stadium Giveaway  — replica of the ship that used was behind the centerfield fence at The Kingdome from 1982 to 1989.  It would fire a cannon when the M’s hit a home run.

Usually there’s no BP before day games at Safeco, and sometimes there’s no one out there.  However, several of the Mets pitchers were out there.  Matz signed for a few kids and then left, and deGrom was starting that day, but I swear almost the whole bullpen signed that day.  They were great, just patiently went one by one from the left field corner down to the 3rd base dugout, signing and taking photos for everyone who asked along the way.  Although I had cards for a couple of the players, I asked most of the guys to sign the team ball.  Tremendous!

Hansel Robles and Erik Goeddel

Paul Sewald 51, Josh Smoker 49, Josh Edgin 66; Addison Reed; Chris Flexen 64, Jerry Blevins 39, Ricky Bones 25

Later, Terry Collins was at the home plate corner of the dugout and he signed the team ball. What an awesome surprise!

Michael Conforto!!!!  Mets All-Star and Seattle-area native who was having a great homecoming.  I wasn’t sure if I should get this jersey card signed, or just leave it in its original form (see pic of a similar card below).  After not bringing it for Game 1, I realized that it would be awesome to get it signed after all.  So I brought it to Game 2 and he signed across from “the stretching area” after the National Anthem and before the game.  Fantastic!  Conforto was very chill and polite while signing.  I was so psyched that my knees were still shaking when I got to my seats!  When I took a closer look, I was disappointed by the “quality” or neatness of the sig compared to the ones for Topps.  However, when I looked at some of his IP signed items online, I realized that this was typical and just fine.  Of course, now that Conforto signed this relic card, I wanted to go for a baseball with a better sig the next day.

Day 3

Was very nervous because my wife and I were taking our baby daughter to her first M’s game!  When you go out with an infant you never quite know how it will go, especially in terms of timing, but it was just great.  We got there in time for autos before and after the National Anthem.  My lovely and very understanding wife and daughter let me rush off and “do my thing”.  I was carrying a lot less than usual and was focused on one main goal, to get a ball signed by Michael Conforto (with a really nice signature in the sweet spot). 🙂

img_1603Michael Conforto!!!!!!!! Signed down the 3rd base line, after finishing talking with his friends. Didn’t have to ask him about the sweet spot or anything, he went straight to it. Told him I appreciate all the fantastic things he’s doing on the field and that it’s a pleasure to watch. He gave a seemingly genuine thank you. Very polite, and a really nicely done signature! Wonder if he got inspiration for his script from Felix Hernandez. 🙂

scannable document 3 on jul 30, 2017, 4_40_38 pm

Grandy– Like I said, Granderson was great this weekend about signing (and selfies, which someone said are the new generations’ equivalent of autos) and was very generous. I really liked this card with him making a great catch. However, I was a little concerned about the dark background. It turned out really nicely. Thanks again, man.


The Wilmer Flores Saga — Was disappointed on the first day when I was right in front of him and he didn’t sign it.  Took it personally, was upset about for the first half of the first game.  Then I remembered that I already had a signed jersey card at home.  Actually a very nice one!  Maybe he knew that. 🙂  Anyhow, I wanted one with a Mets logo, Topps, etc.  Didn’t get over to Wilmer on the second day, was busy with Conforto.  The last day, after Conforto and Grandy, I decided to go for it one more time.  More like ten more times. :). I bounced around from spot to spot, card and marker extended with my request, and he just didn’t sign it.  I wondered if he signed cards and asked one of the regular autograph hounds.   He said Flores did sign cards, so I decided to give it one last shot.  Probably asked about five more times and he signed it after all!  A tribute to the wonders of persistence :). Now I have the Panini certified one where you can see the well-written signature and the IP one with the Mets unit and logo.  Sweet!

The Games

Game 1 Fri 07/28/17 – Mets 7, Mariners 5
Both teams blew leads at various points in this one.  Michael Conforto hit two homers to get his homecoming off to a great start.  I was sad that the Mariners lost.  The fact that the Mets won was some consolation but not enough and clearifid who my #1 and #2 teams are.

Game 2 Sat 07/29/17 – Mariners 3, Mets 2
Both Jake deGrom and Yovanni Gallardo pitched well in this one.  It was a nail biter, especially once the M’s bullpen came in :), but they hung on for the victory.

Game 3 Sun 07/30/17 – Mariners 9, Mets 1
Great game for the M’s!  Dominated and won 9-1.  Between moving from “auto row”, filling water bottles, signing up as designated drivers, getting a nice certificate for our daughter’s first game, going to the bathroom, feeding everyone, changing diapers, getting to our seats, etc., we saw the first three innings on TV or not at all.  The early-goings included a three run homer by Nelson Cruz, a nice catch and homer by Leonys Martin (welcome back homie), and some great pitching by James Paxton (eh!).  We did hear some of the cheers.  Once we got to our seats, we had a great view of the game.  Our daughter loved the music ans all the people.  She was dancing and cheering up a storm!  Of course she started getting tired at some point and we wanted to beat the traffic, so we left after the 7th inning.  All in all, a great time!

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