Yankees vs. Mariners 07/22/17


Yes, like everyone else I was hoping for Aaron Judge’s autograph!  Had a great spot and he came right by us.  He signed for some folks on the field and a fellow right by us in a wheelchair, but not for us.  Not today.

Still, it was a great day for autos!

CC Sabathia – He signed near the left field corner where the Yankees pitchers were hanging out.  It was really straightforward and he was very chill about it.  Afterwards some of the experts were telling me that he rarely signs, so I felt lucky!  The thin marker looks great on the white uniform.  I keep going back and forth on whether a thinner marker or thicker marker looks better, and generally I’d say if there’s a nice light-colored swath for the signature, go with the thin marker.  My marker was bleeding a little bit so you see a very slight smudge near CC’s stomach.

Luis Severino — He also was really chill about signing.  The blue Sharpie auto looks great on the black and white card.  Makes me think of making some custom cards in black and white!  As I just said above, the thin marker looks good on a light background, but this thicker point looks good too.



Todd Frazier — In my experience, Todd Frazier is always gracious with the signings.  He was a little more serious today, maybe because he’s with the Yanks now, but when he did start signing he was very friendly about it and seemed like he was getting to as many people as he could.  He generally seems like a very happy go lucky guy who’s glad to be alive.  (Don’t know what he’s like in “real life”.)


Reggie Jackson — REG-GIE!!! REG-GIE!!!  Reggie Jackson was one of my childhood heroes.  He was the man!  I heard that Reggie sometimes travels with the Yankees, and that he was in Seattle for the series.  The guys next to me said he only signs baseballs.  I already have a signed ball from him (courtesy of my homeboy DW), so I decided to give it a shot with the card.  He is more elderly now and it was a little hard to tell who he was looking at and who he was nodding to.  I thought he acknowledged me, so I tossed him this card with a Sharpie.  Apparently not.  One of the stricter ushers scolded me, and I told her I thought he was looking at me!  Anyhow, Reggie was gracious enough to sign it.  The lightest area to sign would have been either vertically along the uniform, or somewhere along the bottom, but this is still super cool.  Thank you Reggie!


David Robertson & Tommy Kahnle signed an “assorted MLBers” ball.


The Game

I started downstairs about 10 rows up from the Yankees dugout.  Had been hanging around to try to get an auto from you-know-who.  Had a good view of Mr. Judge striking out in his first at bat and the other early proceedings.  Yanks did get out to a quick 1-0 lead.

I usually stay downstairs on the field level.  However, today I decided to try the upstairs view level.  When I sit upstairs, I like the seats behind home plate.  I sat in right field today and didn’t like the view of the field as much.  However, I did have a nice perspective on the sellout crowd (46,197) and some wonderful views of Seattle.

Anyhow, the M’s offense got going in the bottom of the 3rd, including home runs by Mike Zunino and Ben Gamel to build a 4-1 lead.  Later, Judge sentenced the M’s to one earned run against with a no-doubter to narrow the lead to 4-3.  Here’s a view of him rounding 3rd as he trotted home.  The view of my finger is a bonus!  

Judge impacted the game again in the top of the 8th when the M’s intentionally walked him and loaded the bases.  Matt Holliday hit a long fly ball to right to bring in the tying run.  Fortunately Mitch Haniger also caught a liner by Gary Sanchez to keep the score 4-4.

No worries though, in the bottom of the 8th Robbie Cano hit David Robertson’s first pitch out to give the M’s the lead back 5-4!


Enter Edwin Diaz for the top of the 9th… Gregorious walks, oh boy… Frazier pops out to Zunino.  Headley pinch hits and flies out…. Torreyes comes up, Gregorious gets to second on a passed ball, Yanks down to their final strike… and Torreyes singles to left to score Gregorious. 5-5.  Ugh.  Diaz does strikeout Gardner.  Now what?

Bottom 9th.  Kahnle to Haniger… strikeout.  Heredia hit by pitch.  Zunino… strikes out… Segura…. Heredia to second on a wild pitch… and Segura strikes out.  Oh man.

Top 10th. Zych strikes out Clint Frazier, then Judge… 3-2.. strikes out!!!!  Holliday Grounds out.

Bottom 10th.  Gamel doubles to center!  Robbie intentionally walked.  Nellie lines it to left, Gamel scores, M’s WIN 6-5!!!!!!!

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