Tigers vs. Mariners 06/20/17



Kyle Seager!!!   One of my favorite players.  I especially admire his fielding.  He is generally very gracious with the autos (signed during BP near first base wall).

Mikie Mahtook was cool and very chill.  He took his time and signed for everyone (by the 3rd base camera well).  I appreciate that.

Omar Vizquel is the Tigers current first base coach and a former Mariners fan favorite.  He was clearly annoyed when the guy next to me asked for an auto while he was talking with one of the stadium staff members.  I stuck around to wait for Omar to finish his conversation.  Then I gave it another shot and he signed after all.  Over the past couple of months, I’ve thought about buying one of his certified auto cards from Topps (he signs a lot of them), but it was better to get his auto in person instead!


Also got “assorted players ball 17-3” signed by Dixon Machado (bottom left auto) and Dave Clark (above MLB logo).


The Game

It was a dramatic game with a 10th inning walk-off winner by none other than Kyle Seager!!!  The 5-4 M’s win, combined with a free parking pass and the sweet autos, made for a very nice evening at the ballpark!





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