2017 Topps Baseball Series One

Back in February, I went ahead and got two hobby boxes of 2017 Topps Series One (one on preorder from dacardworld.com for about $55, and one from my local card shop DJ’s Sportscards for about $72).  What did I think about the first box?  Here are my impressions, better late than never. 🙂

At first I was not crazy about the busy super angular slanted designs, but they are growing on me.  I predict that this look won’t last in the future years’ releases, but we’ll see.  Another thing that probably won’t last are the Twitter and Instagram handles on the back.  It feels gimmicky and too trendy I guess, but on the other hand if @vbsportscards wants to contact one of these players while he’s going through cards, it’s just that much easier, eh?

The rainbow parallels are easy to spot and very nice as usual.  The other parallels (gold, black, etc.) are a little trickier.  I missed the first couple.  Now I check the corner of the card (and look on the back for serial numbering) before putting a card in the base pile.

There are several insert sets.  The First Pitch set is back, with the appeal of non-baseball players, celebrities and Average Joes, doing something you or I could do and would do, and looking just as excited about it!  There is the set of 30th Anniversary Topps 1987 retro cards, featuring stars, rookies, and legends.  There are the Salutes to Jackie Robinson, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and others.  Buybacks stamped “Rediscover Topps” are randomly included.  The Bowman version of the Then and Now Inserts has a Bowman card of a baseball great pictures alongside this year’s version.  Lol my jaw dropped when I first saw that Kris Bryant card!  Anyhow, my favorite inserts are the 5 Tool cards, featuring some of the game’s best players in a “Topps Fire” style design.

At least for now, each hobby box comes with a silver promo pack containing up to five Chrome-style cards in a 1987 retro design.  My first promo pack only had 4 cards, but the fourth one was a Dansby Swanson green parallel #’d out of 35.  Pretty cool!

Speaking of Dansby Swanson and pretty cool, I also pulled a redemption card for an autographed 1987 version card!  This was in the same pack as a Joc Pederson Salute Auto (saluting Fathers Day).  Each hobby box is supposed to have one auto or one memorabilia card, so what an awesome bonus!!!

Overall, I’m very pleased with 2017 Topps Series One. Even though I think things like the social media contexts will be a passing fad, they had the balls to shake things up a little visually and content wise. The Inserts are also refreshing, and I happened to get a cool box. I was thinking of cutting back and not even doing the Topps “regular” cards this year, but I’m glad I started!  I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

PS Compared to Upper Deck’s typical redemption response times (you know, like months to years), Topps’ response time of a month or two for the Swanson auto seemed reasonable.  I figured it might take till after Spring Training. The card actually arrived in March, with an apology from Topps for the delay, plus a bonus — a Raimel Tapia manufactured patch card!  Pretty cool 🙂



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