White Sox 16, Mariners 1 – 05/20/17 – Safeco Field, Seattle


 Buhner Bobblehead Night!


BP Foul Ball in the stands on the first base side

“Chooch” – Carlos Ruiz by the Root Sports sign

“Shrek” – Steve Cishek at the 1st base corner of the dugout

White Sox

David Robertson by the camera well

“The Toddfather” — Todd Frazier by the middle of the dugout

Yolmer Sanchez #5 — by the 3rd base corner of the dugout.  I think he had a good game.  Most of the White Sox did. 🙂

Kevan Smith #36 by the middle of the dugout

Derek Holland – by the camera well.  I never got his auto when he was with the Rangers, but got it today!  Sorry I smudged it a little, bro. 🙂

Jose Abreu!  Right before the game by the camera well as he was coming in from warm ups.

The Game

It was a beautiful evening for baseball and the Chicago White Sox.  It was an atrocious night for the Seattle Mariners.  Jay Buhner threw a great first pitch, and maybe the M’s should have left him in there.  Yovani Gallardo took the mound for the M’s and gave up 4 runs in the top of the 1st inning.  It continued going downhill from there.  Kind of looked like Chicago was still taking batting practice.  I don’t usually leave until the game, but by the top of the 7th it was 15-1 ChiSox and I took off. Apparently I missed Mike Freeman (a position player) coming in to pitch, but that was about it. The final score was White Sox 16, Mariners 1.


It was a great pre-game with the Bobblehead giveaway, BP foul ball, and some nice autos from both teams.  The game itself sucked.  At least there were plenty of home runs. 🙂

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