2017 Topps Inception Baseball — Whoa!!!

When I read about 2017 Topps Inception on Cardboard Connection and SCF, I liked the images, the checklist looked promising, and the results of one case break were very encouraging.  The checklist was clearly weighted towards top rookies and select superstars, with more cards from the teams with larger followings. Each box would have 7 cards, including one autograph.  I had a good experience last holiday season with the Topps Archives Snapshots online boxes, and wanted to give these Inception boxes a shot.

On the release day, I got two boxes at DJ’s Sportscards.  Figured I’d pay a little more per box ($54.99 plus tax) at a trustworthy place versus eBay (for around $49) where I wouldn’t know if the vendors were picking and choosing which boxes to sell from a given case.  (I will say that most, if not all, of the sellers on eBay that I’ve dealt with have been cool and honest as far as I can tell.)

The boxes I got had a lot of nice cards.  They all had the artsy sketch of just the player in action plus the dreamy/ trippy/ supernova/ agate/ Rorschach test background.

Eight base cards (Story, Grichuk, Schwarber, Lindor, Duffy, C. Gonzalez, A. Diaz, Betts):

Two Green parallels (Votto and Kipnis):

Two Numbered parallels (Russell blue # /25, Gray purple # /150):

Two monster #’d auto patch RC’s! (Benintendi and Swanson):

IAP-AB Andrew Benintendi Inception Autographed Patch RC # 40 /50 Magenta parallel

The autographed patches come four per case.  Funny thing about the Benintendi patch is that it looks to me like it’s upside down.  Well, ok, it looks upside every other time I look at it. 🙂  D is the closet letter to the red piping on the front of the Red Sox home uniform, and the S is close but not that close.  Below, the image on the left is an upside uniform swath from the piping to the D, and the image on the right is from the piping to the S.  I don’t really know and I suppose it doesn’t really matter.  Very nice card 🙂

IAJ-DS Dansby Swanson Atlanta Braves Inception Autographed Jumbo Patch RC # 38 /75

The autographed jumbo patch comes one per case!  To me the patch looks like part of the right edge of the tomahawk, and it looks right-side up. 🙂


Awesome stuff!!!  Glad I gave it a shot. I’d give 2017 Topps Inception 5 out of 5 stars.  🙂

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