2017 Panini Score Football – Fun to collect and trade :)

 I recently picked up a blaster of 2017 Panini Score Football at Target (about $20 for 11 packs, 12 cards per pack, 132 cards, ~$0.15 per card).  To be honest, I’ve been checking the shelves for several weeks and finally saw it.   I really enjoyed putting together the 2016 Score base set and was excited to get a box!

Upon first glance, my one word review was “eh,” nothing spectacular or particularly exciting, but nothing atrocious either.  My two word review was “eh, ok”.  Then it changed to “the cards are ok”.  Next it was “the cards are ok — fun to collect and trade. :)”  Finally, I settled on “Fun to collect and trade :)”.

The first pack had a San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick “Franchise Fabric” memorabilia card (red).  Ironic because he is a free agent and no longer part of the Niners franchise.  Anyway, as a Seahawks fan who always thought Russell Wilson was way better, he has not been a favorite player of mine.  As an American, I have mixed feelings about his national anthem protests — I think people should stand and out there hands over their hearts for the anthem, but also think that individuals should be allowed to choose what they do as long as they are not disrupting the ceremony.  However, as an American, I do appreciate his willingness to speak up publicly and provocatively about important issues and his social activism.  Plus if the Seahawks end up signing him as a backup, I’d be more of a fan. So an interesting card right off the bat.

Score has a plethora of inserts.   My favorites are Color Rush, Fantasy Stars, No Fly Zone, and Signal Callers.  There were three retail-exclusive gold parallels (although I like the David Carr parallel below, the golds are not particularly inspiring) and one Scorecard parallel, which is kind of cool.  I didn’t see any #’d cards in my box.

To me, the base cards look extra boring this year.  That being said, I do like how Score has a wide number of both offensive and defensive players from each team in the 330 base veterans.  (I don’t see any kickers or punters.). This set comes out in late April, so a fair number of vets are pictured with their old teams.  I like that the RC’s are with the college teams because there will be plenty of cards with their pro teams later in the year.

For 2016 Score, I built the base vets and RC set.  I bought a lot of packs and a box or two at least, and made a ton of trades.  It was fun, and also much more expensive than just purchasing a base set on eBay.  For 2017, instead of buying a bunch of boxes and packs while building a whole set, I think I will set a small budget aside and just buy a bunch of cards from the players and teams that I like to complement what I got in this blaster.  Assuming I go that route, then I’d probably also trade off a bunch of my base to help other people finish their sets.  Or I’ll just say screw it and get a hobby box or two and really go to town.  We’ll see. 🙂

While being nothing special to the point of bordering on boring, 2017 Score is also an affordable and fun set with tons of players, inserts, and lots of collection options.  I’ll at least go for Seahawks, former Cal Bears, and players on my fantasy team.  Will probably also purchase a few select autos.  Overall I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars.

PS I have to reiterate that collecting Score Football is fun.  The cards are relatively cheap which makes them easier for me to trade, and to help out my fellow collectors.  Already made a couple of deals.  I got a few Hawks inserts on eBay, and did go to DJ’s Sportscards and picked up a 40 card hobby pack for $12.95 plus tax 🙂 (so about $0.35 per card, more than twice the per card cost of the blaster).  I just couldn’t resist.  Roughly 4 out of 10 hobby packs have and auto, and I was still looking for plenty of other cards, so I wanted to try it.  Glad I did!  Got a Carl Lawson auto.  He played pretty well at Auburn but slipped in the draft because of injury concerns to the 4th round where he was picked by the Bengals.  I like the card and the clean signature.  Also got a couple of my homies from the Seahawks, Jimmy Graham and Tyler Lockett, and some other nice base cards and inserts.  Incredibly, all the rookies except one are doubles but it’s no big deal, now I have more traders.  Overall I’m pleased. 🙂

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