2016-17 UD SP Game Used: Box vs. Ebay

In an earlier post, I reviewed what I got in a box of 2016-17 UD SP Game Used.  I basically said that I wasn’t crazy about the players but I liked the cards.  I’d probably keep the Niederreiter patch auto and trade or sell the rest.  (That earlier post also has an update on the trading.)

Of course, then I wanted to get some cards for the players and teams I was interested in… which lead to an eBay shopping spree… which lead to these lots of nice auto, relic, and #’d cards for about the same price as the SPGU box.

Rationally, my shopping on eBay was a much better deal, yielding more cards with players, teams, and formats that I was interested in (that I hand-picked, in fact).  The allure of the box is that you MIGHT get that “big” hit.  I’ve gotten that “big” hit enough times that I still buy boxes.  Let’s see what happens next year.  Will I take this rational approach, roll the dice with another box, get into breaks instead, or just do all of them???


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